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10 better and more accurate names for CEO

Chief Executive Officer is vague. These ten titles are more accurate.

    1. Captain

    You are the captain of your own destiny. You can go up or down.

    2. Writer

    A CEO is a writer. He writes the story of his company. If he is not a good writer, he will fail.

    3. Artist

    An artist creates something that did not exist before. A CEO has to create an organization that did not exist before. That's art!

    4. Magician

    A magician pulls things out of his hat that were not there before and makes them disappear just as quickly. A CEO needs to pull profits out of nowhere and make them appear every quarter.

    That's why, for instance, Amazon is so successful even though they lose money on many products (they are magical). They know how to make those losses disappear in future profits from other areas of their business (like when they sell a book at cost and then profit when someone buys the same book again at full price).

    The problem with this analogy is that most CEOs are like bad magicians who can't pull things out of their hat and blame it on their assistants (the employees) when it doesn't work out. In reality, the CEO is always responsible for everything in the company regardless of whether he directly controls it or not.

    But don't be discouraged by that fact! CEOs are paid very well because they are rare individuals who have figured out how to do this magic trick better than anyone else in history. It takes practice but it's worth it!

    5. Surgeon

    remove what is dead / useless / diseased / non-viable in your organization so you can grow
    This is why firing people is such a painful process for a CEO but also such an important one if you want your organization to grow and thrive
    Don't be afraid to do this when necessary
    You need to be able to look into people's eyes after firing them and know you did what was right for everyone involved , including yourself , if you want your company to succeed
    Firing people isn't easy but it's necessary if you want your company to grow
    There are no exceptions
    I've never seen a successful CEO who didn't fire people when needed
    And yes , sometimes I've been one of those people fired by my own CEOs , which stinks but was ultimately necessary for our companies' success
    6 : Surgeon
    remove what is dead / useless / diseased / non-viable in your ideas so they can grow  This might seem like an odd corollary to #5 but I think it's important as well
    Sometimes we get attached to our ideas
    We worked hard on them and we don't want them die even if they aren't working anymore or aren't growing us forward
    But sometimes we have no choice because our ideas have become too rigid around us like an iron cage and we need new ideas around us so we can grow again , like trees putting down new roots as old ones die off from lack of nutrients from the soil around them
    7 : Gardener
    Plant seeds all over the place (in terms of new businesses , new products , new opportunities ) so some will take root while others wither away due simply to randomness (ie, luck)
    This requires patience but also vision about where opportunities might be ten years from now or more
    Know which seeds might blossom into something huge ten years from now or more

    And water those seeds regularly with time spent thinking about the future and opportunities there rather than focusing only on today's problems which seem bigger than tomorrow's opportunities which seem small right now

    8 : Architect
    design blueprints for buildings that haven't been built yet but will someday be built by others using
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