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10 better frames

Frames are how we view the world. We could watch the same event and see two opposite things based on the frames we use (Think of any news item and how 'both sides' report on it).

This list is my attempt at creating better frames in which to view situations.

    1. Good vs good

    The idiot sees the world as Good vs Evil. The cynic sees the world as Evil vs Evil. The truth that no one seems able to see is that the world is, and always has been, a battle of Good vs. Good. - Norm Macdonald

    Since taking a step back and seeing people as good, but naive ,I've become a lot happier. Seeing people as evil and wanting to harm others leads to a lot of negative feelings, thoughts and actions, but seeing people as good, but naive leads you to more positive feelings, thoughts and actions. If someone has a good heart, but is stupid you educate them and aim to bring them over to your side. If their evil you do all you can to destroy them/their idea.

    If you want to be happier view events through the good vs good frame.

    2. Spoke and wheel

    This was an idea from ship the line (James book). Have a core bit of content e.g Your list. That's the core wheel. Start thinking of all the other ways you could reuse that content (spokes) e.g podcast episode, blog post, top ten YouTube video, Instagram post, Book draft e.t.c

    I feel so much calmer with this frame. Before I'd be looking to create nice content which would stress me out, now I look to reuse and adapt and I've been 1000 X more productive as a result.

    If you want to become more productive view productivity through the spoke and wheel frame.

    3. Offence is a choice

    Freedom of speech gives us the right to offend others, whereas freedom of thought gives them the choice as to whether or not to be offended. ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    The words themselves don't offend. Even the N word isn't deemed offensive when a rapper says it. The same 'offensive' phrase, said by a toddler doesn't hit the same way, in fact sometimes we view it as cute. So why are we still under the impression that some words/phrases are offensive, there not. It's our framing that makes us feel that offence. Since feeling offence only hurts us, why would you chose to feel it?

    Next time someone says something 'offensive' view them as a toddler and continue on with your day happy.

    If you want to remain calm and happy, use the offence is a choice fame.

    4. Unintended consequences

    There was a huge snake problem in India, so the government payed people to bring them dead snakes. Instead of fixing the problem it made things a lot worse. How? Because people started farming snakes, in order to kill them and make more cash. Once they stoped paying they released the extra snakes into the wild.

    Often people have the best of intentions, but fail to see other potential consequences of their actions. You can't plan for everything, but by being a ware that theirs always more factors at play you'll be able to take a step back and make better decisions.

    It order to make better decisions , use the unintended consequences frame.

    5. They think I'm awesome

    We all mind read. We've all thought phrases such as - They think I'm ____, They did that because ____, Their only doing this _____. We don't know what others think and we don't know the reasonings behind their actions.

    Since we can't actually read minds, but act as if we can. We should focus on what gives us the best outcome imagining others think the worst vs imagining they think the best. If you imagine others hate you/think your stupid act. that will only lead to you experiencing negative feelings, but if you change those thoughts to 'they love me, they think I'm really smart, they think I'm awesome' you'll feel a lot better.

    Our thoughts also influence our actions. We act very differently towards people who hate us vs people who love us.What actions lead to the best life?

    If you want to be happier and live a better life use the They think I'm Awesome frame.

    6. Growth

    A lot of people overlook each day. It's a chance to live/work/see friends and eventually those days come to an end when you die. I like to view each day as a chance to grow, insuring that I start the next day a little bit further ahead than I was previously.

    By viewing days as opportunities to grow you'll soon be further ahead than even the smartest people from high school, that stopped growing. Growth can be through learning, working out, eating healthier, building stronger relationships, creating content etc. Just keep growing.

    If you want to insure your in a better position, this time next year use the growth frame.

    7. What's under my control

    We don't have any control over most things. Yet a lot of our time is spent focusing on these things (news items, gossip, recurring thoughts). What if we stopped focusing on things we have no control over and put all our focus on the things we can control? How much more progress would be made as a result?

    So what do we control? Two things. Our thoughts and our actions. Focus on improving these two things and life will improve drastically.

    If you want progress to be made use the what's under my contro?l frame

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