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10 Biggest turn offs for me on Dating Sites

I know that my profile isn't great. I have that side tilt in every single one of my photos. I look amazing straight on when I am looking in the mirror but into a camera my face looks ridiculous. I don't understand. I have listed that I want to travel the world. I see that every girl says they want to travel the world. But I have a plan. I am sure I have 8 more things wrong with mine. Oh.. all my photos are selfies. I seriously don't take good group photos.

I am on 3 dating sites. This is just me. My thoughts. When my friends and I talk.. this is what we talk about. I got together with 3 other friends and swiped together. This is what we discussed.

    1. " You don't take life too seriously"

    There are a lot of guys out there that want girls to not take life too seriously. It just screams I have trauma from a past relationship. That or they don't want to be serious in their dating life. My friend says they are most likely "alcoholic frat boys". I don't know but I am not interested. My plans are pretty serious. I am serious about what I want to do in my life.

    2. Dead Animals

    I don't know if you've seen Dating on the Spectrum. The one girl swiping is like dead animal, dead animal, dead animal.... So many dead animals in profile pictures. It's great. I am not interested in a hunter or fisherman. I am glad that they put it up there.

    3. Motorcycles

    This might just be my own personal issue. There is nothing about a motorcyle that seems attractive to me. This is what goes through my head: Smoker, Skin Cancer, Future Brain Injury, Drinks A lot and Leather Clothing. Nope.

    4. The Car Picture

    I am curious about this one. I feel like this is me being picky again. Why do you have a picture while you are sitting in the driver's seat of a car. Did you look in the rearview mirror and you're like DAMN I LOOK GOOD.. Does Joe Rogan tell guys to do this? I think Joe Rogan is the new Men's Magazine.

    5. "Don't Swipe if You're..."

    My friend just reminded me about this one. I think all things live on a spectrum. If a guy is saying "Don't swipe if you're.. trump voter, vegan, don't like to eat fast food once in a while, a feminist...." There are lots of these. I didn't vote for trump, I am not a vegan, I might eat fast food once a year, and I don't consider myself a feminist. But this just seems argumentative.

    6. Holding an Alcoholic Drink in their Hands

    My brother in law pointed this out to me. He says " He's showing you he likes to drink". I like to drink but I don't need to. Those guys are showing me it's part of who they are and not something they do on occasion.

    7. Anything Negative

    Guys will say.. "I am not interested in someone who doesn't have their life together, gets angry over little things or needs to ask their kids for permission to go out on a school night." ewww. It's not just one guy that does this. I would say maybe 10%.

    8. Conservative

    I use to not have a problem with this. I would say it's just as bad as saying you're a liberal. These men tend to not see things on a spectrum. They are followers. They tend not to have a mind of their own. They think they are original in their thinking but it tends to be what they saw on the news or heard from Joe Rogan. lol Why do I think every guy on a dating site listens to Joe Rogan?

    9. A Guy on a Boat (maybe)

    This is a big one in Michigan. Lot's of boats. Lots of men on boats. I have realized that men on boats love living on the great lakes. They really don't want to live anywhere else. I want to live in the world. I think this for sure is a me thing. I will still scroll down and read what they have to say but I get it Michigan is AWESOME. I would just get too bored living here forever.

    10. Golfing (maybe)

    Golfing is great! I like to watch it with my family. I just don't personally understand how you can spend you're whole Sunday hitting a golf ball. Everyone in my family golfs. I just don't get it. The big reason I would not be interested is because the guy wouldn't want to live somewhere without golf. Again, I will still look more into him.

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