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10 billion dollar company ideas

From skip the line biz models:

1) Access economy

2) theism-data-humanism

3) Serve the lower third

    1. Psychic & fortune telling app

    Psychics are still on "humanism". They also prey on landing those few wealthy whales who keep coming back

    An tinder app that matches poor bereaved, grieving ppl with a psychic for a low cost.

    Beginner psychics get practice and victims get to "speak" with their dead loved ones.

    Sick idea cuz I hate this industry but an idea is an idea.

    Another aspect is use a database ofagic tricks to help beginner psychics "improve" their skills.

    2. Day trading crypto for developing countries

    Teach ppl in developing countries how to day trade $1 to $100

    3. Timezone clones

    People want to live remotely from anywhere but restricted by timezones. They don't have "access" to USA time.

    But with a Timezone Clone, you can have your clone go to meetings, ask your Qs, and reinact it for you real-time at a time convenient for you!

    Not just for work, but also for long distance relationships too.

    Maybe make it a zoom bot to deal with privacy issues

    4. Robotic flight meals

    Replace the flight attendant with meals that drop down like oxygen masks. No more eagerly waiting flight meals or getting trapped by the food cart

    And program the most common flight attendant duties into the back of the seat. Drinks delivered via hoses in the overhead compartment

    5. Pennyzoom

    $0.50 subscriptions for zoom but must be in one of the 20 poorest countries of the world. Tracked by ip and calls secretly recorded so data can be sold to law law enforcement agencies or charities against sex trafficking, money laundering, etc

    6. Billionaire course

    Online course for the bottom third of millionaires.

    Just teach them what James discusses in the billionaire chapter and do a live 10 ideas exercise

    7. Bilingual fiverrr

    Fiverrr but for translation services powered by crypto to connect countries

    8. Tall ppl real estate

    The "bottom third" of short people bump their heads a lot on doorframes.

    Build houses with higher ceilings and higher doorways, etc.

    Taller ppl earn more income too so you can charge more

    9. Mechanic Spas

    Saunas, showers and massage chairs for autorepair shops.

    Their body is wrecked from the physical labor. Have both a customer and employee section (is this needed since mechanics will never be using it same time as customer?).

    Customers can pay a few dollars to use the spa while they wait, which helps cover operational cost. The extra customers + extra mechanics who wanna work there will cover the operational costs of the spa.

    10. Holey sock company

    There's millions of old socks with holes in them...the bottom third of socks. Let's turn this into a business

    Sock shredder + bleach = packing material for Amazon returns, stuffing material for pillows & furniture industry. Hire a materials engineering to make it the right consistency

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