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10 Book Ideas

Over the last few years I've been thinking about writing a book. Here are a few quick ideas that have been swirling in my head.

    1. The Art of Simplicity

    Our world has become more complex. What are ways we could live simpler and more fulfilled lives?

    2. Untethering

    Living a more healthy life by detaching from or building better relationships with our technology and online engagement.

    3. Ideation: from concept to reality.

    The act of creating can be overwhelming. How can first time (or even seasoned) creators make the process of ideation and invention easier.

    4. Start with Identity

    Knowing who you are is crucial for stepping into purpose and passion. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What do you value? What makes you you? Exploring the concept of identity and how that helps you in the journey of life.

    5. Everyday Explorers

    What does it take to live life more engaged? How do you push the boundaries between what is and what is possible? Everyone can become and explorer, and adventure leading them to live a life more engaged.

    6. A Heart for Justice

    In a world filled with injustice, what does the Bible and more importantly the life of Jesus teach us about God's heart for justice? What should our response be to living a life filled with love for others?

    7. ReEducation

    The world of education is broke. What is a new approaches (or maybe an old ones) that we could use to make education affordable, engaging, and beneficial for the future of students?

    8. The Story of Ideas

    A book looking at ideas and how those ideas went from concept into reality.

    9. Relative Morality

    How has morality shaped our culture and how is it being reshaped as modern morality is being questioned?

    10. A quest for Truth

    What is truth? Our world has moved away from a shared sense of absolute truth into a new world of 'my truth.' What role should absolute truth play in our world today? When does 'my truth' stop being true?

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