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10 book ideas

    1. The $100 idea

    Every day, write down ten ideas that are worth $1.00 each. of them can be "ideas I had in the past". Every idea has to be a new one that day. At the end of the year, pick one and make it real.

    2. The $1000 idea

    Same as above but for $1000 ideas

    3. The $10,000 idea

    Same as above but for $10,000 ideas.

    4. 10-10-10

    Write down ten ideas each morning for ten days in a row. Then stop for the rest of the year and evaluate which ones might work out. Maybe even do one every month for twelve months so you have twelve projects going at once. This is how Tim Ferriss makes money so I figure it's worth trying out.

    5. Daily list of things to improve on or learn

    For instance, if you are learning piano, then every day write down what piece you practiced and how long and which piece you will practice next. Or if you are learning chess or investing or writing or whatever skill you want to improve on, list the skills you worked on that day and how much time was spent on each one (so at the end of the year you can see your improvement).

    This is what I am doing right now because I am obsessed with getting better at everything I do (and also because I am writing this book).

    I've been doing this since March 1st (with breaks). Here's what my daily "to do" lists look like:
    - See more at:
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