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10 book ideas that can come from my podcast

I think everyone who does a podcast should look at their content and see what books they can create.

My book, "Think Like a BIllionaire" was basically a dozen interviews I had done with billionaires. We edited the interviews, I wrote an intro and an outro for each chapter and we had a book! Scribd made it a "Scribd Original" and it was a paperback, an audiobook, and a digital books.

That was with just a dozen episodes put together.

I have 1200 episodes of my podcast. That's potentially 100 books or more. Some single episodes can even potentially be an entire book.

Two other examples of podcast->book I can think of is @briankeating's book "Into the Impossible" (I wrote the foreword) where he just interviewed Nobel Prize winners and Tim Ferriss's book "Tools of the Titans" where he took interviews with various people who had been on his podcast (including me, I am grateful to say).

Here are some ideas on books I should do based on podcast episodes.

10 book ideas that can come from my podcast

    1. "Think LIke a Writer"

    Stephen Pressfield ("Legend of Bagger Vance"), Tim O'Brien ("The Things they Carried"), Chuck Pahlianuk ("Fight Club"), Judy Blume ("Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"), and can decide whether or not to include more genre specific writers: Andy Weir ("The Martian"), Ken Follett (thrillers), Brad Thor (thrillers), Hugh Howey ("Wool"), etc.

    Definitely have at least two or three books worth or more.

    2. Think Like a Billionaire, Part II

    More recently I've had on Bernie Marcus (Home Depot), Steve Schwartzman, (Blackstone), Jim Mckelvey (Square) , David Rubenstein, Marc Lore, and a dozen more.

    3. The Anti-Aging Bible

    David Sinclair ("Lifespan"), Dan Buettner ("The Blue Zones"), Jamie Metzl (genomics), Andrew Huberman (brain health), Sanjay Chopra, etc.

    4. The Super Athlete

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Danica Patrick (top racecar driver), Keith Hernandez (NY Mets), Sasha Cohen (olympic medalist skating), Anthony Irvin (olympic swimmer), Floyd Landis (tour de france winner bicyclist), Joe Moglia (football coach and former CEO of Ameritrade), and maybe even include Garry Kasparov (former world chess champion), and Todd Herman (sports performance expert).

    5. Wall Street is Insane!

    I did about 6 episodes with two of my business partners on some of our most insane stories we experience while working in finance. From Bernie Madoff to the financial crisis and more.

    6. Think Like a Comedian

    Tim Dillon, Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano, Bonnie McFarlane, Marina Franklin, Tom Papa, Paul Reiser, Gilbert Gottfried, TJ Miller, etc etc. Can probably make three books on this.


    Eric Adams (Mayor NYC), Ron Paul, Jane Smith (former Gov of Massachusetts), Tim Ryan (former Presidential candidate, Congressman, current Senate candidate), Andrew Yang, Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Presidential candidate) and Spike Cohen, (VP nomineee Libertarian), Phill Stutts (Presidential Campaigner), David Littt (Obama's speechwriter),

    8. Good or Bad:

    This is a sub-series I did on the podcast with AJ Jacobs. We would take a topic like: Cars and discuss "good or bad"? about it. We did about 10 of these. Enough for a fun book.

    9. Entrepreneurship

    I've done about 400 episodes on different entrepreneurs so can divide these into several books. Including a sub-series I did for awhile "Side Hustle Fridays" where I outlined a different side hustle each Friday.

    10. How did the Universe Begin

    A subseries I did with Brian Keating

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