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Bill Bergeman


10 Book Series Ideas

I'm fishing around for ideas. What are your thoughts?

Feel free to steal one for yourself.

    1. A series on "What Would the Buddha Do?"

    The Buddhist approach to a variety of common life scenarios.

    2. A series of books on presidential habits.

    Each book could focus on a different president.

    3. A series on rule-breakers.

    "The Rule-Breakers Guide to X."

    4. A series on obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Each book could be focused on one set of obsessions or compulsions and how to overcome them.

    5. A series on quitting jobs.

    Stories on how people quit their jobs and what they did.

    6. A series of interviews with the elderly.

    Tell interesting stories, what they loved about their lives, what they regret, advice, etc.

    7. A series of stoic guides ("A Stoic's Guide to X").

    "Stoics Guide to Dating," "Stoics Guide to Careers," etc. But is stoicism a little overdone right now? A lot of people do seem to be into it.

    8. A series on introversion.

    This feels overdone too.

    9. A series on overcoming fears (with exercises).

    Overcome the fear of dating, overcome the fear of job interviews, etc.

    10. A series on applying old philosophies to today's world.

    "Transcendentalism Today," "Platonism Today," "Stoicism Today," "Taoism Today," etc.

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