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10 Book/Product/Business Ideas

    1. Your Favorite Biography+ Idea Sex

    Take your favorite biography and turn it into fiction.

    2. Newsletter

    Branch the novel off into newsletter series.

    3. Art

    Find an artist that creates scene pieces for each newsletter.
    Work out a deal to sell his art within the newsletter.
    Feature an artist on a given schedule, weekly/monthly.
    With each new biography add new art/artists

    4. Useable Kids books

    Like a popup book about hunting or fishing but the book itself is a nerf gun or a fishing pole. A puzzle book you have to put together to read

    5. Candy

    Make a deal with JellyBelly and write a story for each jelly bean flavor. Each flavor will be packaged into the book/chapters itself.
    - Could make one for each holiday - "JellyBelly Advent Calender Book"

    6. Time

    This would be a "life work" project. A tree that was just planted, a baby, a building. Every day take a photo and write. In 30 years publish your book and photos

    7. The Future

    Write a book about what you believe the future will be for a specific person, place, or thing(eg Neuralink). Create the entire narrative from now until its' end.

    8. Card Game

    Each card will have you meet someone new. A barista, barista, ships captain, a school teacher, an astronaut. You write a short piece on the individual and post the card along with a picture of whom you met.

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