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10 Books I want to read or finish

    1. Twelve and a Half

    Gary Vaynerchuk. Pretty good so far.

    I got this book for free - Gary V gave out a free NFT to people who bought 12 books, or something like that. So people bought tons of his book. And then they were shipping them out to people for free. Someone literally sent the book to me. I didn't even pay shipping.

    2. Once Upon a Time in Russia

    Ben Mezrich. Wrote the books that become the movies for "The Social Network" and "21."

    About the rise of Putin and the Oligarch's in Russia. Fascinating story.

    3. Die With Zero

    Bill Perkins

    4. Skip the Line

    James Altucher. Also, want to reread 'Choose Yourself," which I recently bought a physical copy. Probably read that first.

    5. Atomic Habits

    James Clear.

    Read in the pandemic. It's a good read.

    I like his stuff, but it's a little too mechanical for me. I am not as rigid and prefer a looser framework for improvement. Tracking every moment of your life seems excessive. But, there are some great nuggets here.

    6. Poor Charlie's Almanack

    Peter Kaufman. It's about Charlie Munger. It's like a textbook. Sitting on my coffee table. Have skimmed through some of it.

    Love coffee table books and hardback books.

    7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Ramit Sethi. Want to reread. Simple stuff.

    8. How to Win Friend's and Influence People

    Need to reread. Can skim through it in a day.

    9. A Fiction Book

    Need suggestions - PLEASE HELP! -

    I rarely read fiction, but really want to start again. I always feel upset if I start a fiction book that I don't like. Used to just prefer to watch a movie, instead of reading fiction.

    Last great fiction I read was 'I Am Pilgrim.' It was really good. Left me wanting more.

    10. An Audio Book

    Also something I never do. I read fast, usually skim, so audio books seem slow to me.

    But, when done well, they are great.

    Any suggestions?
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