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10 Books OR Articles You Read That You Are Grateful For

    1. Bible

    Yup, I know, but my all time favorite.

    2. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

    I read this book so many times that even though I haven't read it in over 40 years I can still recited a good portion of it. This book taught me to read and love it.

    3. Go Ask Alice

    This book made me double think drugs in my teens and made reading cool for me once again

    4. Sybil

    Until this book, I had no idea that some people had multiple personalities. I couldn't put this book down as a young teen. My curiosity on the brain and how it works started with this book.

    5. Carrie

    Steven King, his books scared the shit out of me but kept me reading and a bookworm when many of my friends where doing drugs.

    6. Let's have Healthy Children

    This book by Adelle Davis was the first book I ever read about nutrition and how what we eat, drink and breath affects our health and the health of our children.

    7. Better Late than Early

    By Raymond and Dorothy Moore. This book was the first book that made me question our schooling system and eventually lead me to homeschool my daughters before it was cool to do so. This book helped me to hold strong when everyone thought we were ruining our daughters chances to a bright and fulfilling future. Just so you know how our story ended my oldest is a Nurse Practitioner who just earned her Doctorates. My youngest just purchased two more franchises giving her a total 9. They are smart, strong, intelligent women living life on their terms. I did not ruin them.

    8. Man's Search for Meaning

    This book showed me we all have pain. We all go through shit and we decide how we will cope with that shit. This book lead me down the rabbit hole of reading books by death camp survivors. You will not be the same.

    9. The Body Keeps Score

    This book taught me that what happens in our childhood affects our health and life span as an adult. The Body Keeps Score peaked my interest trauma, the brain, and health and lead me down so many pleasurable rabbit holes. There was a time when I came across people who were rude or mean and thought "what the hell is your problem"? Now I look at those situations completely differently and ask myself, "what happened to you that you are acting like this?". This book is the book that lead us to bring trauma informed training to our employees so that they could learn why they do what they do, how they can learn to stop, how they can help their children so hopefully their children will have better lives and how they can deal with difficult people. Again another one of those books that completely changed how I look at life and people.

    10. Incubation: Green Fields Book 1

    By Adrienne Lecter. This probably seems like a surprise but these books were my solace during a difficult time. This series is 12 books long. The female main character is smart, witty, strong and yet still normal and real. When life was crazy for me these books where my escape. My friends laughed when they found out my obsession was a zombie apocalypse series. I read these books, listened to them on audible and was hooked from book one. Before I knew it my husband wanted to listen to them while we were on road trips. My friends where asking to borrow the books once I finished them. This series was the best!

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