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10 Books You Read That You Are Grateful For

    1. The Door Lectures by Thomas Troward

    Thank you Thomas, for bringing logic to a subject that many consider mysterious and unexplainable.

    2. The Edinburgh Lectures by Thomas Troward.

    Thank you Thomas.

    3. Start with why by Simon Sinek

    Thank You Simon.

    4. David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell

    Thank you Malcom.

    5. Blink by Malcom Gladwell

    Thank you Malcom.

    6. How I read

    The 5 minutes it took to read this article changed how I read. Thank you Slava.

    7. How to write

    The two minutes it took to read this improved my writing. Thank you Josh.

    8. Choose Yourself by James Ahkmed

    Who am I kidding? Only one person could write that book. James Altucher.

    Choose Yourself found me when I needed it.

    It found me at a time when no other book made sense.

    It found me when I was on the floor, broke, crying, and visualizing myself jumping from the roof of my apartment.

    Thank you James.

    9. The Power is Within by Louis Hay

    Thank you Louis.

    10. Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi

    Thank you Joe.

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