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10 boring businesses at the gym

I'm at the gym right now and there are B2B businesses that I see


    1. Acrylic panels between the treadmills

    This was in high demand during covid, demands gone down a bit but acrylic panels are still needed

    2. Contract cleaning

    There's a guy cleaning the carpets. Pretty sure he's not an employee and they're contracting out

    3. Fire safety maintenance

    All commercial businesses have to do an annual fire inspection including checking the sprinklers, fire extinguishes, fire alarms, etc.

    4. Touchscreen treadmill with advanced monitoring + wearables sync

    Make a treadmill that has a touchscreen showing metrics including heart rate (from wearable), time elapsed, ultimate goals, etc.

    5. Auxiliary businesses like vending machines, ATM machines

    Can you convince a gym to let you place your machines for a cut of profits?

    6. Mural painting, paint on walls

    Someone had to have drawn all these motivational phrases on the walls

    7. Aerobics room rental

    The aerobics room is empty. If I'm a Zumba instructor or something maybe I can negotiate a class with the gym and split profits

    8. Equipment repair and maintenance

    Gym equipment breaks down often. Become an expert at repairing equipment

    9. Foam mat business

    The weight section has thick foam mats so when you drop weights it won't make a ton of noise. These mats need to be replaced regularly

    10. Wipes dispenser

    Some gyms will have you spray a solution onto the equipment. Why not get a dispenser that has wet wipes so wiping before and after using equipment is easier

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