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10 boring facts about me

Stole this idea from @Skwiglez

    1. I'm Stoic

    Or at least I try to be. The phylosophy made sense with me. I already lived that way, but having it fleshed out has really helped me improve my life. I've still got a lot to learn

    2. Most gigs I see are under £30

    I don't listen to popular bands, as a result I'm able to see multiple gigs throughout the year. I'll need to book a new gig soon, it's been a while.

    My top generas are - punk and ska

    3. I was rubbish at English in high school

    I dropped from top classes just to get out of writing essays. I was offered help, but I was too proud to accept it. From having such a low level then to teaching it and publishing multiple books, I think I've done alright. If I can do that I can do anything.

    4. Simple diet

    Potato's, rice, pasta, chicken and beef.

    Mix them up and add in a few herbs/spices and I'll be happy. Add more ingredients, don't be surprised if I eat around them.

    5. I only read non-fiction

    If I can't learn something from it I don't read it. This is why I didn't read anything during high school - 28.

    6. Wind up

    I like to pretend to be stupid and wind people up. Unfortunately you get a lot too stupid to see it's a joke. Least I still get a laugh out of it.

    7. I love animation

    I studied it at university. I've been known to bore the fairer sex with my vast knowledge of the subject.

    8. Relationships for the sake of relationships seem stupid too me

    A lot of relationships seem to be just so people can say their in one. I'm in no rush unless I find someone I like. People I don't really like are draining, I'd rather be alone.

    Maybe I should give more people a try, doesn't hurt to date and see how drained I feel afterwards.

    9. I love manga

    I've not read any since uni (maybe I should) , but I loved it. Great stories and artwork. 20th Century Boys is my favourite.

    10. I was great at judo

    Won a trophy for a Scottish competition. When I started uni I just couldn't keep it up, then I had to find work, life happened and I've just not found the time to get back to it. Maybe one day, it would be nice to finally get my black belt, I'm not far off it.

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