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10 Boring Facts About Me

I saw a meme where a teacher asks students to share a boring fact about themselves because interesting is too hard. I save it on my phone. I can't use notepd on my phone so you just the words instead of a picture.

My friend who can't think of anything to say when I ask her the question "Tell me something interesting" came up with 3 totally interesting things. She thought they were boring. I thought they were totally interesting.

    1. I eat the same thing for breakfast.

    I eat low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal at home and hawaiian omelets when I go out.

    2. I don't like Apple Products anymore.

    I once thought they were the epitome of cool and original. They really haven't changed in 15 years. I am bored.

    3. If I don't get at least 5k steps a day I feel like the laziest person on earth.

    My goal is 15k.

    4. I don't like spending money on rent.

    I will live in the cheapest place just because I don't like spending money on rent.

    5. I'd rather walk everywhere.

    I miss living in a big city with subways.

    6. Without Subways it takes me about a year to finish a book.

    I love reading on subways.

    7. I don't like shoes.

    I'd rather be barefoot.

    8. I need it pitch black to watch movies.

    ugh light.

    9. If my keys are on a lanyard I won't lose them.

    Learned that this week. Yay!

    10. I don't drink tap water.

    I haven't trusted it since college. Nothing happened. I just don't trust it.

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