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10 Business Ideas to Experiment With

10 Business Ideas to Experiment With

    1. On-Demand Generator Delivery/Auto-Rental

    2. Subscription Lawnmower/String Trimmer Parts Replacement

    3. Wi-Finder - WFH Backup for Power Outages

    4. Cross-Promo w/ Coffee Chain for WFH Backups

    Automatically reserve your seat, place your favorite order, and have your card charged when you say "I'm coming into work right now because of X emergency." Discounts for frequent fliers.

    5. Gardening Suggestion Tool + Buy Seeds/Gear from the List

    Based on your hardiness zone and sunlight exposure, growing needs and preferences.

    6. Lift Anywhere

    Gym finder that has your specific equipment needs, lists the day pass/week pass price, and can include discounts for certain program members.

    7. Lift Anywhere + Subscriber Pass

    For people on the run, they can pay a regular set fee and use the gyms on the list - and/or put money in ahead of time (say, $50 or 100/year) and debit against that depending on where they go to the gym in whatever town they're in. (Profit: getting up-front fees = investing the capital for returns; debit against the profits, almost like "gym insurance")

    8. Lift Anywhere + Sweat Anywhere

    Some people like to use things like Orange Theory or Crossfit Gyms - or similar kinds of gyms - so give them a separate pass or upgrade for those types of facilities.

    9. Lift Anywhere + Play Anywhere

    Combining the best of fitness as well as in-person gaming, have places where you can reserve a seat at a gaming table (DnD, board games, etc.) so you can get ripped and get rolling in the same day. On the go!

    10. Kids Play Anywhere

    Find the best play facilities for your kids in any town + prices + discounts or promos for listing those places higher (like Angie's List for kid play facilities - can include public parks and recreational areas, should have things like up to date hours, dog policies, etc. - some townships and gov sites are really bad at listing these things or they bury them too deep for people to use them on the go. You're in a town and your kid wants to jump out and go for a hike, but where to do that? What about fees? This should be easy. Remove the barrier for them to enjoy this activity and they'll enjoy it way more.)

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