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10 businesses I might start if the internet didn't exist

This could be in a time pre-internet, in a hypothetical future where the internet doesn't exist anymore, or simply in a parallel universe.


    1. Subscription-based humor magazine

    2. Hostel

    Might be low-leverage though, but it always sounded appealing (the creating and owning part, not the managing part).

    3. Publishing company

    4. Comedy content for companies

    What I already do online, but offline. For ads, for example.

    5. Drive people around in a funeral car / hearse / van while they have sex

    Or while they're sleeping, but that's an idea that a barista shared with me once in Sofia, Bulgaria. I told her I might steal it one day if she doesn't try it (in our current real world, this would be with the help of the internet).

    6. Private detective network

    When I was a teenager or a young adult, I advertised my services as a private detective (or private investigator? is there a difference?). I got some replies, but I realized I needed a car. I didn't drive and still don't (I'd like to get to it soon though). This could grow into hiring a whole team if you get enough customers. You might need a private detective license depending on the country you're in, though. I knew a girl who wanted to become one, and she said you needed to go to a private detective school for a few years (this was in France).

    7. Unconventional travel agency

    I've mentioned in previous lists the appeal of travel consulting. I suppose that's a variant of being a travel agent. In a world without the internet, there would be way too much competition in the travel agency industry, so I would try to stand out somehow: Maybe offer some of the services mentioned in my travel consultant idea list, or be a regular travel agency in a particular niche (dark tourism, wild adventure, spirituality, ...).

    8. Sell video courses to companies

    On tape / CD / DVD / whatever technology might exist in a world without the internet.

    9. Funny walking tours

    I've thought of doing this (one way to do it with the help of the internet would be through Airbnb Experiences), and then I discovered that some English-speaking comedians were doing it in The Netherlands. I don't know how serious they are about it or how successful it is. I could see this work. With enough demand, I could hire some funny folks.

    10. Self-guided audio walking tours

    Write them (or have other people write them). Record them (or have other people record them). Partner up with hostels, travel agencies, and other places that would be interested in selling them.

    This makes me want to try it with the help of the internet (an app?) in our current, real world.

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