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10 businesses james altucher should start

    1. A website that lists all the top 10 businesses for someone to start.

    I did this on my podcast but I should do it as a website and charge people to be listed. Or, I can do it as a sub-website of Jamesaltucher.com.

    2. An app that lists the top 100 books ever written and when you click on each book, it tells you what chapters are good to read in order to learn something from each book.

    This would be like a "Cliffs Notes" for books.

    3. An app where people can post their ideas and get feedback from other people about them (Isn't this NotePD?)

    Sort of like an idea marketplace but more focused on getting feedback than selling an idea (although, you can sell an idea if you want).

    4. A dating site where people are matched up with others who have similar interests in investing or entrepreneurship or whatever they feel passionate about.

    For instance, if I am interested in crypto then I would be able to say, "I'm interested in dating someone who is also interested in crypto." And then there would be matches based on that criteria.

    5. A site listing the top 100 podcasts and the episodes of each podcast that will best teach someone how to start a business from scratch and make money doing it.

    This would be like a "Cliffs Notes" for podcasts so people know which ones are worth listening to before investing time into them.

    6. A site listing all the courses out there that teach how to develop specific skills (like coding, etc) and then ranking them based on which ones are best bang for your buck if you want to learn a specific skill set (like coding)

    Or even just list all the courses out there regardless of quality so people can see what's out there and decide for themselves what's worth it or not worth it Like a sort of Tripadvisor for courses instead of restaurants or hotels or whatever else they have now on Tripadvisor

    7. A platform where entrepreneurs can post their businesses for sale (for free) and investors can browse through them looking for deals they might want to invest in

    Sort of like AngelList but free (or maybe charge very little) so everyone has access rather than just accredited investors only having access via AngelList There are many sites like this already but none quite as comprehensive as this one described here

    8. A site listing every single job skill needed by employers right now so anyone looking for work can quickly learn those skills and apply for jobs immediately rather than taking months learning things they don't know how to do yet so they c

    This is basically SkillShare combined with job search but more comprehensive than either one because everything is compiled together into one place instead of scattered across different sites/apps/etc

    9. An app where freelancers bid on projects posted by companies looking for freelancers in any industry imaginable (from legal services, graphic design work, writing articles, etc)

    The app would automatically bid up projects based on criteria set by users (e g , if I am only willing to spend $100 per article then the bidding won't go above that amount no matter how much work is needed) This way freelancers don't waste time bidding on projects they know they won't win because another freelancer is willing to do it cheaper than them This is basically Fiverr but updated with modern technology plus additional features described below

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