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10 Businesses to Create During the Next Global Pandemic

Whether it's next month, next year, or in the next 20 years, there will be another pandemic. It may or may not be as severe as the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can bet that governments will not be any more prepared for the next one than they were for this one - therefore, the default response will likely be lockdowns again. This means that we will need to build businesses that can thrive in such an environment. I didn't do any research, so it's possible some of these ideas are already reality.

    1. Robotic Pet Sitting/Walking Services.

    Robotic pet sitting/walking services so one, and one's pet, does not have to come into contact with another human.

    2. Rental Service for Exercise Equipment.

    Normally you go to a gym, but you aren't going to now. So rent things like free weights, treadmills, etc. on short-term leases to get your workouts in at home.

    3. The Human Beeper.

    A sensor you can activate with your smartphone that starts to beep as another human comes close to you (similar to how a car has a sensor for when you backup and you get too close to an object). You can see the sensor for whatever distance you want, but for this particular pandemic you can set it so no one comes closer than 6 feet without it going off.

    4. Drug Delivery Service.

    Home delivery of drugs ordered at the pharmacy, or simply anything one wants from the pharmacy (ala Uber Eats, etc.).

    5. Live Virtual Classes.

    Instead of online courses that can be taken at one's selected time, these are set times when people can take classes with other people around the world. That way, it mimics social interaction as much as possible in a virtual setting. A lot of this sort of thing happens now, but it will explode during the next pandemic.

    6. Doomsday Prepper Delivery Service.

    Doomsday Preppers and survivalists love pandemics because they can say, "I told you so." I'm not one of them, but given what happened I can respect their perspective. This service would deliver canned food, batteries, radios, power stations, knives and a variety of tools.

    7. Mobile Virus Results.

    Apple did this during COVID-19 in an update without anyone's consent (though you can go in and turn if off; you just have to be aware of it). An app and/or website that would allow people to submit their Coronavirus test results. Anonymous (if possible) data could be collected to indicate where infections are breaking out.

    8. Personal Pleasure Delivery Service.

    Let's face it, there will be a lot of couples, as well as individuals, with lots of time on their hands and a greater interest in having a little fun.

    9. Pandemic Conspiracy Podcast.

    Start a pandemic conspiracy podcast. Have people on who believe the virus was started by X government, the military, an alien invasion force, or any other wild idea. It would garner a huge audience.

    10. Pandemic Card Deck.

    Design a new card deck where each card represents a major virus (H1N1, Ebola, Coronavirus, etc.) and has information on the cards about each one. People will be indoors and playing cards more often, so why not making it entertaining and educational?

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