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10 Busking Acts almost Anyone Can Do

Don't be misled by the title. Busking is hard. Making a living busking is even harder. But here are some ways you could start.

10 Busking Acts almost Anyone Can Do

    1. Living Statue

    Way harder than it sounds. But not a bad to start if you can stand body paint.

    2. Haiku on Demand

    Only 12 Syllables. Written or oral. Either will work.

    3. Fortune Telling

    Some have the gift. Others don't. Most all can keep the customer entertained.

    4. Standing Massage

    You're not trying to replace a real therapist, just giving out relaxing back rubs.

    5. Hug and a Smile

    Got to be worth something.

    6. Placeholder

    Hold someone's place in line while they attend to other business. While doing that, keep busking with another act.

    7. Sell bottled water

    Not busking per se; but you're still working the queue.

    8. Mime

    Yes, everybody hates mimes, and most are not very good. At the beginning you won't be either. So you're giving people exactly what they expect. And as you progress you will be giving them what NO one expected.

    9. Clowning

    Another performance that gets much better with training and experience but has a very low bar for entry. At least you're not a mime.

    10. Recitation

    This one only takes a good memory and access to well-known works. Pick short pieces or soliloquies from the Great literary works and memorize them. Then with a touch of acting and / or sound effect flair, recite and excite your crowd.

    11. Storytelling

    With this one, you get to make the story up if you want to. Tip: The best storytellers have a decent repertoire that they've polished over many, many recitations. But your audience won't know that.

    12. Costumed characters

    Of course, this one requires a costume. Be fun and engaging. You get paid for posing for photos with the fans. And it works much better if the costume is.

    1) Of a well-known and loved character.

    2) As accurate and well created as possible.

    13. Hobbies you already do fun.

    The list is virtually endless. Martial arts, fly-tying, percussion, juggling, music, karaoke, etc. Almost everybody has something that they do that could entertain a small crowd and/or passersby.

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