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10 career mistakes to avoid

    1. Not learning from your own mistakes

    When you make a mistake, don't blame others. Don't blame the economy. Don't blame your boss. Take 100% responsibility for your actions and learn from it.

    2. Being in the wrong business

    If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then do something else. Passion will get you through hard times.

    3. Being a people pleaser

    Don't try to be everyone's friend at the expense of being honest and direct with them. People will respect you more if you are direct and honest with them even at the expense of losing their friendship.

    4. Bad health habits

    It's hard to change but if you are eating poorly, drinking too much, smoking, not exercising, sleeping poorly, etc then change these habits or else they will catch up with you later in life and it will be harder to fix them then.

    5. Bad financial habits

    There's a saying that "we're all broke until the day we die". If you spend everything now on things that have no lasting value then one day there won't be any money left. Plan for retirement (if possible), save for rainy days (if possible), don't buy things just because someone advertises on TV that you "can" afford it (unless it's an investment).

    6. Lack of focus / multi-tasking instead of focusing on one thing at a time

    This is related to #2 above but here I am talking about focusing on ONE THING AT A TIME when working on projects or tasks at work or at home. Multi-tasking is bad because each task takes twice as long when done this way and also there is so much wasted brain power switching between tasks when done this way. When I was younger I would do this all the time but now I try to focus on one thing at a time as much as possible even if it means waiting longer for results.

    7. Not having fun!

    Life is short! Even if everything goes well in your life there's still only so many years left before death comes knocking so enjoy every moment! Have fun! Laugh! Play games! Watch movies! Read fiction! Meet new people! Do things that scare you a little bit! Don't waste time worrying about trivial things or other people's opinions about trivial things that don't matter anyway. This doesn't mean go out drinking every night but find some balance between work and play and have fun while working hard towards goals that matter to YOU .

    8. Not making enough friends along the way who share similar values as yourself in terms of honesty, integrity, passion, etc

    It's easy to make money but hard to keep it without friends who can help advise when tough times come along or help spread opportunities around when good times come along
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