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10 Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

I use an iPhone so your mileage may vary!

advancements in artificial intelligence continue to drastically increase the computing power that you hold in your hand.

10 Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

    1. If you want to paste text or an image, type a word or characters first as a “target”

    For example if I want to paste text from an app after this sentence I type a "word":


    and then double tap on the "ddd." This gives me a bigger target, let's me paste where I want and it pops up the menu to paste.

    2. Take a video to do something like read a label from the back of a washing machine or see under a car

    Move the camera around slowly, use the light if you need to and hold it still when you think you got the picture. Then you can scroll through the video and stop on the frame where you can read the data.

    3. Use your camera as a magnifier to read small text

    You young people can skip ahead but the camera is great for reading labels or menus in a dimly lit restaurant

    4. Search your personal photos by location or keywords

    Type "Disney" to see pictures taken at Disney world. Type "boat" to see all the pictures of boats.

    5. Find a document in your photos by typing some text from the document

    Big Brother has been watching! Type in part of your drivers license number or insurance to find a photo.

    you can also see some unexpected results: the photos app highlighted my name in this picture of a building:


    6. Set alarms for 2 minutes (or enough time to prepare) before each appointment at the beginning of each day

    I tend to get "in the zone" and/or forget and need that time to prepare and get logged in.

    7. Keep a list of different alarms

    I keep a list of about 8 that I can edit. Set them up with different chimes so that you can remind yourself to make a phone call before the end of the day, etc.

    8. Things like Siri and speech recognition get improved every day: keep trying them out

    I am finding that the speech recognition is frequently better than 95% accurate. This is really amazing from somebody that started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking years ago. Also, Siri is able to do a lot of tasks today that were impossible six months ago.

    I prefer composing emails on my phone because I can simply speak.

    9. Before you take something apart, take a picture of it

    This is great for working on cars, plumbing or electronics.

    10. Google Lens can search by image and also extract text and read it to you

    I just took a picture of this pet bed and it found other pet beds:


    I used Lens at the terms of a ticket and it read them out load to me in a human voice (flawlessly):


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