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10 Chapters in a book to write about getting healthier in middle-age

There are many books and videos about this: so many are intimidating: "I lost 100 lbs and now I am ripped because I work out 4 hours a day!" "Stop eating XYZ!" "Fast!" "Work out!"

If you are 50 today you are likely to live for another 50 years. Time for a reboot!


    1. Have a long time line and a wholistic view

    If you are out of shape and overweight, it took decades to get there; it will probably take years to take it off.

    You will also need to get your sleep and emotions straightened out to have success in stopping any vices.

    2. Develop good habits one at a time

    It takes about a month to set a new habit. Habit stacking is a way to match habits to things you already do: I put a gratitude journal with my toothbrush so I can quickly write my gratitude. I publish to NotePD during my morning work meetings. I lift dumbells while my coffee is brewing.

    3. Fix your sleep

    Get a CPAP machine if appropriate. Go to bed at the same time every day. Track your sleep with a watch.

    4. Flexibility

    general stretching, yoga

    5. balance

    This is a combination of strength, flexibility and practice. Work on balance poses and strengthening your feet, calves and ankles.

    6. power

    Start lifting some kind of weights or other resistance training. You will lose your muscle mass otherwise.

    7. Improve your diet

    Food substitutions: less caloric density. Less junk. Less sugar.

    8. Eat less

    This is a simple idea, but it took me years—intermittent fasting. Change your food attitude. Carrots and yogurt can be lunch. You will not starve to death.

    9. Monitor and measure things

    Food intake, getting on the scale, measuring activity, and measuring sleep. You can start by measuring your baseline (what you do today) and understanding what you are doing without trying to change it simultaneously. You will see where you are eating most of your calories.

    10. Mental health: get curious and stay mentally active

    Note PD, career advancement, hobbies, puzzles, and reading.

    11. Mental health: forgive yourself, forgive others, stay calm and stay grateful

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