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10 cities that I imagine are good for digital entrepreneurs

+ 10 cities that the AI Assistant imagines are good for digital entrepreneurs.

I've been to some of these, and some others I just imagine would be good but I don't know.

I'm taking into account things such as quality of the expat community, population size, culture, cost of living, etc. as well as assumed proportion of digital nomads / digital entrepreneurs. I do not use the terms 'digital nomad' and 'digital entrepreneur' interchangeably, but it's safe to assume you'll find a lot of digital entrepreneurs among digital nomads (the opposite not being as true; for example, I would assume Austin has a lot of digital entrepreneurs but not necessarily as many digital nomads as most of the other cities listed).

When I mention income tax, of course it applies to people who become legally taxable in that country (in most cases, you're supposed to become tax resident if you spend at least 183 days per year in the country, but it's less than that in some countries, and it's generally a complicated topic).

10 cities that I imagine are good for digital entrepreneurs

    1. Bansko, Bulgaria

    Ski town with a growing digital nomad community. Bulgaria is also a good option for incorporating a company, or at least I hope that's true because that's what I'm about to do. It doesn't rank high in the list of easiest countries to do business, but it does have some advantages (low corporate tax rate) and makes it easier to be taxed as a resident of Bulgaria even if you don't spend 183 days per year there (low income tax rate).

    Bulgaria is also known for its tourism on the coast as well as other interesting places (for now I'm mostly familiar with Sofia, but I've heard great things about Plovdiv), it's not far from Turkey's and Romania's capital, and it also borders Greece, North Macedonia, and Serbia. Another great thing about Bulgaria is that you can easily find cheap flights to many European cities.

    Of course, it's also one of the cheapest countries in Europe and it is part of the EU (but not Schengen).

    Apparently, Bulgaria is also a growing tech hub.

    2. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Full of expats, tourists and digital nomads, in my experience of staying there for a month.

    3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    For some reason, I feel a strong pull to go there. I imagine it's quite international, and I know Argentina is about to offer a digital nomad visa with as few restrictions as possible.

    4. Montreal, Canada

    I lived there for a few months. Fairly international, cheap rent (at least when I was there). Really fun.

    5. Istanbul, Turkey

    Huge city. Cheap for westerners. International (depending on the area). No income tax if you're a foreigner spending at least 183 days in the country.

    Antalya could be another option. Smaller and quieter but still fun, cute with beautiful views (those mountains!), but of course there's a lot less going on compared to Istanbul.

    6. London, United Kingdom

    One of the most expensive cities in the world, but probably quite good for entrepreneurs.

    7. Tallinn, Estonia

    I think Estonia is known for its tech industry, and they've acquired a certain reputation when it comes to incorporating a company there (through their "e-residency" program, which has nothing to do with personal residency). A lot of people seem to think this e-residency is overrated, though. I was about to do it, but then realized it would be better to pick another country.

    8. Austin, TX

    Some of my favorite people (that I don't know personally) live there. Some of the most interesting people on the internet! It seems to be known as a great city for entrepreneurs, and it gets praised a lot. I spent a few weeks there two years ago and, despite the Covid-imposed quietness (although there was no lockdown), I could feel that it's a fun city. I want to go back!

    9. Phom Penh, Cambodia

    I know almost nothing about Cambodia. But it seems that it attracts a decent number of tourists and expats, and I've heard that it's super easy to get a residence permit (and taxes seem okay). It also puts you in an interesting region of the world (Thailand and Vietnam nearby).

    10. Lisbon, Portugal

    I made a few visits there, my longest one being about a month and a half. I love Lisbon. It's pleasant, picturesque, and it's easy to socialize and connect with new people, including many expats and digital nomads. The whole country is worth visiting: Porto has one of the most beautiful spots I've ever experienced), it's known for the surfing and the wine, people generally speak great English (which is bad if you want to learn Portuguese), and the cost of living is pretty good (at least compared to the rest of Western Europe).

    11. And what do you think?

    Below are all suggestions from the AI.

    12. Bangalore, India

    The city has a large population of young, educated people and is home to many tech startups.

    13. Berlin, Germany

    The city has a strong startup culture and is home to many accelerators and incubators.

    14. Los Angeles, California

    With a large population of techsavvy individuals and a variety of incubators and accelerators, LA is a great place to start a digital business.

    15. San Francisco, California

    San Francisco is home to many major tech companies and startups, making it a great place to network and find mentors.

    16. Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston is home to many top universities and a large population of young professionals, making it a great place to find talented employees.

    17. Seattle, Washington

    Seattle is home to many major tech companies, making it a great place to find potential partners and investors.

    18. Tel Aviv, Israel

    With a population that's nearly half made up of immigrants, Tel Aviv is one of the most culturally diverse and innovative cities in the world. It's also home to a thriving startup scene, with a number of accelerators and incubators.

    19. New York City, New York

    The Big Apple is one of the most competitive markets in the world, but it's also one of the most supportive for digital businesses. With a number of accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces, as well as a large pool of talent, New York City is a great place to launch a digital business.

    20. Toronto, Canada

    Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. The city is home to a number of leading tech companies and startups. It also has a number of resources for entrepreneurs, including accelerators and incubators.

    21. Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul is a global center for technology and business, making it a good place for digital entrepreneurs to find customers and partners. The city has a number of accelerators and incubators for startups.

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