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10 cliched self improvement ideas you will find all over the internet

Maybe they are are cliches for a reason, but it seems the same things pop up everywhere. For once I would like to see something different but for now I thought I would make fun of it.

    1. Wake up early

    5.30am, 4.30am the earlier the better. Only losers wake up after the sun. Better yet, who even needs sleep. Make sure to take a photo of your watch too so that everyone else feels bad.

    2. Meditate

    If you dont meditate how will the planets align. Control that wild mind of yours. Reign it in and focus on that middle eye, blank space and breath a million breaths while you are at it.

    3. Journal

    Write it all down. Your hopes, dreams, self relfection, past reflection, future reflection. Do it in longform, bullets, a line a day. It doesnt matter, but if you dont write it down it wont happen.

    4. Exercise

    Because athletes are the most important people in the work. Bonus points if you do it at 5.30am

    5. Eliminate toxic people

    Dont just ghost them, eliminate them. Remove them from your life and society. Friends, family, bosses, politicians - all of them must be eliminated if toxic.

    6. Eating a frog while having a cold shower

    Do it now. Warm water is for babies. Coldness heals everything especially if you are feeling cold.

    7. No processed food or sugar

    Here's a life hack. If food tastes good, is full of bright colours or smells delicious then just avoid it. That stuff will kill you. Why eat fried chicken, bacon, maple syrup and die at the young age of 60 when you could eat Kale, Tempeh, Sea Moss and Dust and live to at least 65.

    8. Read for 20 minutes

    Better yet, speed read that thing. Make that book your bitch!

    9. Hustle

    You gotta hustle every day 25/8. Hustle for the next 40 years so you can live the rest of you life. Dont retire just hustle. 80 years old and in a nursing home - rubbish. Start hustling player or you're going to die one day.

    10. Get out of your comfort zone

    Get outta that thing.Sitting on the couch - too comfortable. I sit on electrified barb wire. Checking your rear view mirrors when driving - stop doing that comfort zone crap. You cant grow, improve and be better than everyone else unless every minute of you day is full of pain and discomfort.

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