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10 Coffee Livestream Ideas

@jay_yow07 convinced me that there's something to the idea of a Coffee + [something else] livestream show, and I wanted to explore that with its own idea list.


    1. Start the show with a showcase of a small roaster.

    Boutique coffee roasting is a big thing right now with mom n pop operations coming up all over North America. Part of the show would be to showcase a certain roaster's blends.

    2. Roasters can sponsor to have their stuff showcased.

    Seems obvious, but roasters might want to be on the show regularly or have their latest batch featured as the lead-in.

    3. Discounts for viewers.

    Stream viewers love membership perks, why not let them have a little treat courtesy of the live stream? This helps with the roasters' sales as well.

    4. Showcase a coffee making technique.

    I'm not a trained barista, but I love to work on my milk foaming technique. Every stream, we would work on learning a better way to make coffee.

    It's not going to be perfect! We'll fail live on the air, but we'll learn together.

    5. Have baristas or professionals on as guests to help.

    Have professional coffee-makers and roasters on or guest call-ins to assess our technique and help us learn about the best ways to make professional coffee at home.

    6. Coffee is only part of the fun... we need coffee PLUS. Coffee + GAMES.

    Coffee is the lead-in - a lot of people love coffee, but what else do they love? What else do I love?

    I love a lot of things, but I'm going to start with games as my first cross-over concept.

    I typically play at least one session of tabletop RPGs a week (TTRPGS, some people know the most popular version of this game genre called Dungeons & Dragons). I'd love to talk about new developments in TTRPG gaming, showcase independent designers who are releasing new products, and have guests on to discuss their GMing technique (that's "game mastering" and is like being a human computer who "run" the game for other players).

    7. Coffee + BACKGAMMON

    I've been studying backgammon for about 7 years now, and I've progressed from bottom-tier beginning to... slightly more than bottom-tier beginner.

    However, I really enjoy watching games and trying to figure out the next best move based on the current position. I've read a bunch of books on various backgammon technique and topics. It'd be fun to run through some games and try to learn how to improve.

    Or, we could jump into a live match on BackGammon Galaxy or Backgammon Studio Heroes and try to analyze our play live against real opponents.

    8. Coffee + SPORTS + BUSINESS

    I've been an athlete and sports fan my entire life. It's another one of those things that you can be casually interested in, or you can dig into the deepest aspects of. Here's an example:

    You might be a New York Yankees fan, but do you study the business of baseball? Do you think about why certain organizations make the trades and business decisions they do? Do you think about sports as more than just games, and how geographical areas identify themselves with certain groups?

    There is a whole world of interesting analysis to do on sports beyond "Who will win the next game?"

    That's what we'll talk about over our cup of coffee.

    9. Coffee + FITNESS

    Self-improvement by way of exercise and physical care is extremely important to me. Being competitive in a physical realm, even if that means just improving yourself a little bit every day, makes you competitive in all other areas.

    Coffee lovers who want to get better at physical fitness would want to talk about improving their fitness technique. Maybe have guests on for a cup and have them talk about personal training, weight competitions, races and marathons, etc.

    10. Coffee + COOKING

    We have a cup of coffee and then try to make something delicious for the day following a recipe that someone sends in or maybe a guest shows up to help us work on.

    If it goes with the coffee, that's fantastic.

    There are a lot of classic breakfast items that trace their origins back to classic French cuisine. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to execute a classic French omelet or make home made crème fraiche.

    We can break some egg and have some fun.

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