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10 Concepts I am Contemplating This Week

    1. Shared Consciousness

    I first read about shared consciousness in the book Team of Teams. Shared consciousness is the extreme transparency that provides teams with a real-time view of the organization.

    2. Shared Purpose

    "Purpose affirms trust, trust affirms purpose, and together they forge individuals into a working team." - Team of Teams by General Stanly McChrystal

    3. Shared Fate

    Shared fate is a model that cloud providers are moving towards to replace the current shared responsibility model. Shared responsibility puts clear boundaries around who is responsible for what. When things go south, parties usually spend time and energy defending their stance, whereas, with shared fate, everyone is accountable for the outcome: no finger-pointing but fixing and learning.

    4. Leading as a gardener, not as a chess master

    Eyes on, Hands off!

    5. Education is resilient, and training is robust.

    How to use education, learning, and training to build a resilient, robust, and adaptable organization?

    6. Extreme Accountability

    How do we build extreme accountability in teams?

    7. Digital Culture

    One of the biggest risks in a digital world is not taking risks.
    How do we build a culture that helps organizations be agile and adaptable, take more risks, and experiment?

    8. Leading like a Swan


    9. How to teach leading and lagging indicators to newcomers

    10. Thinking in 1/50 rule

    James talked about the 1/50 rule in his book Skip The Line. I am learning to prime myself to think in terms of 1/50. A lot of discipline is needed.

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