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10 Cool things about Cory Wong

I was not initially a fan but I grew to really get into what he is doing. He is a musician and entrepreneur and worthy of a NotePD Case Study. He really "gets" online promotion and his music is really good.




He is from Minneapolis, like Prince.

    1. He seems to be a nice guy and expresses genuine love for what he does and appreciation for his audience/fans

    That is always refreshing!

    2. He has created a strong visual brand: he stands out online

    He almost always wears the same "where's waldo" blue and white striped shirt in public and primarily plays a Blue Stratocaster so is easily recognizable. On his website he has an orange suit on right now. He also has very stylized "moves" and poses that he repeats on photos and performances.

    3. During Covid he produced "Cory Wong and the Wongnotes" videos for YouTube: which were very expensive to produce with A list Musicians and no audience

    Investing in content for the long tail.

    4. He hired Prince's entire horn section, the Hornheads for his band

    5. He is funny and created his own YouTube variety show with skits called Corey and the Wongnotes

    6. He HUSTLES: there is so much going on. A lot of creative output. 4-5 videos a week. Touring. Albums. Collaborations.

    7. He has a signature guitar from Fender, signature effects collection plugin (that I own), and lots of other products

    8. He has created a guitar course


    9. He capitalizes on his name to build a brand

    He was blessed with a good "stage name" and uses his own name in the band name.

    10. He re-invests in building his creative brand and output.

    In one of his concert videos he is doing some audience patter and says (paraphrasing) "the most creative person in my organization is my accountant: they let me do all of these things for you!" He tours with a VERY large touring band (I think I counted 11 musicians on stage plus techs). That is an expensive show to produce but the videos will be dripping plays forever.

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