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10 Core Values You Have

10 Core Values You Have

    1. Wisdom

    Or atleast to seek wisdom. I aim to learn something new each day. 

    2. Humour

    I like to laugh and I love making others laugh. 

    3. Chill

    I'm not one to get angry. Anger rarely solves anything. In fact it usally make a bad situation worse. Stay calm. 

    4. Courage

    Courage is the act of facing fear, but I rarely fear things so is what I do really courageous? My biggest fear is needles if I need to get one I will. But I'll do my best to avoid getting into that situation. 

    5. Friend

    I try my best to be the best friend I can be. I'm not perfect, but I'm as close as a mortal can get. 

    6. Truth

    I don't like lies. If the truth isn't important in not sure what is.

    Then again I've seen so many 'my truths' leading to similar lives so how important is it really? Covid was a time full of opposite truths and they basically all lead to were we are now. 

    Maybe there's something deeper to the truth or maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe it's not black and white. 

    7. Create

    When I create I feel my best. It might not always lead to great results but the process itself is when I feel the most 'me'. I get this when I push myself on a list, draw, make a comic or write a book. I'm sure there's something in creating that makes us feel alive. We're built to create. 

    8. Teach

    Similar to create I feel most alive when I'm teaching. I matter. Without me no learning gets done.

    9. Time

    I value time far more than money. I work enough to get by /save a little and use the rest of my time to work on my own projects /see friends. When I'm on my deathbed I'm sure I'll be proud of the choice I made. 
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