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10 "crazy ideas/experiments" for new vocations

    1. Book finder, someone who charges a finder's fee for finding your book

    2. Dog walker who takes people on local flora and fauna tours alongside with wireless headphones, describing the local floral flora and fauna in detail and their peculiarities. So basically, a tour guide to the local environment, with dogs

    3. A purchasing coach to help you make decisions that you don't regret from purchasing and teach you how to make purchases that bring you the most happiness in accordance with your value system. Can lead to a book

    4. Touch coach teaching you how to touch appropriately in different situations and coaching you and how to do it. Package as part of sensory needs coaching.

    5. Pay someone to scare you in random and unexpected ways

    6. An online group or syndicate that fosters specific spiritual processes and pays them per process. So for people who are doing the rounds, have all the activities that people who are doing the rounds of spiritual practises, and just go alon

    7. Tree climbing coach. Have someone to climb trees with you. Go and find trees to climb in their environment at all, completely at random and teach them how to climb them.

    8. Three, website, kitten central, create a place where people can post photos of their kitten for sale and only sell kittens, specialising selling kittens

    9. Conduct danceparties as explicit devotional workshops called back to yoga.

    10. Learn TikTok dances with old people and experiment with monetizing that

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