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10 Creative Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine ☀️

Looking to make your mornings more productive and energized? discover 10 innovative ways to transform your morning routine. Share your favorite tips and how they've impacted your day. Let's kickstart our days right!

    1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier

    Even if you only get 30 minutes more of sleep, it will make a huge difference in your energy levels. I find that even 20 minutes is helpful. But this way, you can use that time to do one of the other tips on this list!

    2. Do 10 pushups before getting out of bed

    This is a great way to wake up your body and get some blood flowing.

    3. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of salt in it

    Salt helps replenish the sodium your body loses during the night.

    4. Read something inspirational for five minutes before getting out of bed.

    You can use the @ideepot bookmarklet to read my daily article here on NotePD. Or any other article or book that inspires you. This way you start off your day with inspiration and energy rather than starting it with social media or news which usually drains our energy instead of giving us inspiration for the day ahead.

    5. Listen to an audiobook while getting ready for work (or while commuting)

    I love listening to audiobooks in the morning while I am getting ready for work or commuting to work. It's great because then I'm learning new things while also having some "company" as I am getting ready in the morning.

    6. Make some coffee (or tea) and sip on it as you are getting ready in the morning. And maybe even have another cup at work!

    Coffee has so many benefits but one is that it gives you energy without making you jittery like most other things would do. So have a cup (or two) and then see how much more productive you are at work!

    7. Eat something healthy for breakfast! No matter what! Even if...

    you're not hungry when you wake up, eat anyway because otherwise there's a good chance you will end up eating unhealthy food later in the day just because your body was craving nutrients from food but didn't get them first thing in the morning when they were needed most.

    8. Write down 3 things that made me happy yesterday and why they made me happy

    And what can I do today to make myself happy
    Apply those lessons going forward
    How will this help me achieve my goals
    How does this relate back to my values
    What actions can I take today based on these answers
    What else can I learn from these situations that might help me moving forward
    What are some strategies I can apply now which will help me achieve my goals moving forward
    Can I connect these answers back to any inspiring articles or books I've read recently
    Can I connect them back to anything inspiring someone close to me has recently said to me
    Can I connect them back to any insights from previous days' NotePD articles
    Etc etc etc

    In this way each day starts off by connecting all your past experiences, knowledge, reading, etc into actionable steps going forward towards whatever goals YOU want tp accomplish that day
    This is how NotePD turns into a "personal development machine"
    The key here is not just writing down these things but ACTUALLY APPLYING THEM IN THE DAY AHEAD OF YOU!
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