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10 Creatively Satisfying Goals

For my new projects I am working on.

I just took an online workshop with Pip Cards Tarot. It is called Big Fool Energy. It focuses on the Fool Card in the Tarot Deck and how we all need to be fools if we want to create something new. I LOVED this workshop. I spent at least an hour writing after I finished it yesterday.

She talks about how we need to set Creatively Satisfying Goals instead of deadlines. If you are creating something and want some help setting goals. I urge you to go check out her workshop. Here are my 10 reasons why I am doing these projects. She explains it much better

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10 Creatively Satisfying Goals

    1. Connect with people who think like I do

    Both of my projects are COMPLETELY different. They are both books and non fiction books but one is about history and one is about Tarot. It will be the rare person who would find both as enjoyable as I do. I want to meet people who are interested in both.

    2. Tarot Book: I want to encourage people to interact with the Tarot differently

    I want people to be inspired by the tarot and see it as a way to challenge themselves to see the world differently.

    A lot of tarot readers try to predict the future with Tarot. I did this on New Years. It worked. It was so spot on I was kind of in shock. It basically said something crazy is going to go down but just chill and it will be fine. It did and it was.

    Some Tarot Readers use it as a way to see a situation differently. You pull a card and it gives you a new perspective on the situation. I pulled cards for the new year and it was a lot of pentacles which mean work and it basically said.. do what brings you joy. I did not have a lot of joy the first 3 months so here's hoping I can only do things at work that bring me joy.

    I want my book to adjust the way you interact with the world each day. That's all I'll say. I am so excited.

    3. History Book: Learn about the people who didn't win

    There is ever only 1 winner for any competition. The losers still competed. They made it to the level that they were good enough to compete! When it is a HUGE competition and you lose.. what do you do with the rest of your life? I am so curious about this.

    4. Both: I want to spend my time doing what I LOVE

    I LOVE talking about Tarot. How these beautiful cards can help you see the world differently. I know a lot of people don't believe and that's fine. I think of it like I think of astrology when I know your birth chart.. I just have an advantage. You don't have to think of it as an advantage for it to still be an advantage.

    I LOVE talking about random history stuff with total strangers and having them see the world a little different based on some hidden fact I dug up. There are sooooo many hidden facts to discover. There is literally 1000's of years of history. Crazy stuff happened in each one.

    5. Tarot: I want people to not go out looking for people to challenge but to challenge themselves

    I think the reason why there is a lot of fighting in the world is because we don't feel challenged enough. We have everything we need at our fingertips. We don't have to forage or kill for our food. We don't have to walk but 10 feet to our car in most cases. We don't have to make our own food.

    We end up trying to create challenges. I can make something out of nothing REALLY easily. I just told my boyfriend I need him to text by noon each day or I start having PTSD from past relationships. Sometimes he's just busy. I get that but I can create challenges in my head so instantly.

    I need this book so that I have something else to focus on.

    6. History: Just to learn about history

    I really hate learning about colonial times. I don't know what it is but it's totally confusing and incredibly annoying. This book is pushing me to learn about it and I am learning some crazy things.

    7. Both: It's making me practice my writing.

    I spend at minimum 15 minutes a day just writing. I am using to crate the outline for each of my mini chapters. Each post is basically a mini chapter. It encourages me to come up with 10 pts for each chapter. I am having a hard time with some of them. Maybe I shouldn't even put that in the book if there isn't 10 things I can say about that person.

    8. Tarot: I am learning a lot more about the symbolism and stories of each card.

    I started learning about Tarot maybe 3 years ago. My mom gave me a deck when I was 12 maybe but I didn't start really getting into until 37ish. I don't want to look like an idiot. There is very specific symbolism in each card. Each person can interpret it differently but there are themes with each card you need to be aware of. I am becoming aware.

    9. Both: I am reading more.

    I am reading books about the symbolism in Tarot because I want to be more knowledgeable. I am reading books by authors that I enjoy because I would like the history book to be easy to read. I really do not like dry history books.

    10. Both: I feel accomplished by the end of the day.

    I feel accomplished just putting words into I save them as private because it's really just drafts but I am doing 2-3 lists a day. I feel good about it.

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