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10 custom GPTs that I made

At this time, in November 2023, Open AI released the ability to make custom GPT. This is an interesting development, and it is truly easy to make them. It will be more challenging to make some that are more valuable than just the interface to chat GPT.

You can create custom and points and have it interact with API's. Exactly how this will work is a little bit of a brain Buster, but it is a new frontier.

10 custom GPTs that I made

    1. DataWise SQL Advisor

    A database administrator guide for SQL query optimization and indexing advice.

    2. Yo Mamma Joke Generator

    A playful joke generator specializing in 'Your mama' jokes.

    I LOLed at the first one (the response includes emojis!)

    Give me a 'Yo mama so poor' joke.


    Alright, here we go:

    "Yo mama's so poor, when I saw her kicking a can down the street, I asked her what she was doing, and she said, 'Moving!'" πŸ₯πŸ€£

    3. Dad Joke Generator

    These might be harder because they rely on puns and visualization. Still pretty good! Emojis are part of the response.

    Tell me a silly animal joke.


    Why don't seagulls fly over the bay? Because then they'd be bagels!

    And remember, always be yourself... unless you can be a bagel. Then always be a bagel. πŸ₯―πŸ˜„


    I am upset


    Hi Upset! I'm Dad GPT! I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. Is there anything I can do to cheer you up? Remember, every cloud has a silver lining, even if it's a bit hard to see sometimes. πŸŒ€οΈπŸ™‚


    tell me a joke about cooking


    Why did the scarecrow become a successful chef? Because he was outstanding in his field!

    Just goes to show, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Even if you're stuffed with straw! πŸŒΎπŸ˜„

    It can also draw pictures on the fly.


    4. Fantasy Interactive Storyteller

    This was good at descriptive writing, but the story was pretty bland. With some additional prompting, the story got much better.

    I started off trying to make it a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master, but I did not remember enough of the rules to try to train it.

    5. Paint by Number Creator

    Converts images into paint-by-number diagrams for adult relaxation.

    OK this one did not work. Apparently it cannot do edge detection, but it told me why it couldn't do it and also found resources for me to use.

    6. Orlando Trip Planner

    This gets a lot right.

    7. Healthy shopping list generator

    This one did a good job. To get the most out of these things you have to know how to talk to artificial intelligence. I got it to draw a picture of my Test Family enjoying the meals that I recommended. The food that it shows in the image is the same food that was recommended. I am impressed by that!

    I need a shopping list for four days worth of food. It needs to be for two adults that are 55 years old and their child who is 27 years old. They are all watching their weight. The food should also be inexpensive. Please provide a shopping list and suggest four dinners that can be prepared.

    (it provided a reasonable shopping list)

    Dinner Suggestions

    1. Grilled Chicken with Steamed Vegetables and Brown RiceUse chicken breast, broccoli, and carrots. Serve with a side of brown rice.
    2. Tuna Salad with Whole Grain BreadMix canned tuna with low-fat mayo, chopped onions, and a side of spinach salad. Serve with whole grain bread.
    3. Vegetable Stir-Fry with LentilsStir-fry bell peppers, spinach, onions, and carrots with garlic. Add cooked lentils for protein. Season with soy sauce and spices.
    4. Whole Wheat Pasta with Tomato and Vegetable SauceCook whole wheat pasta and serve with a sauce made from canned tomatoes, garlic, and your choice of vegetables like spinach and bell peppers. Top with a sprinkle of low-fat cheese.

    Draw a picture:


    8. Meal Master

    give it some ingredients and a goal (calories, protein, etc) and it will suggest a meal to prepare

    9. Micro Workout Generator

    give it your fitness goals and it will create a schedule for you around your obligations. like park your car far from the office so you get a half mile walk each way.

    I asked it to draw a picture of a stretch: this is not ready for prime time as it shows an impossible body position in the wrist:


    when I asked it "find an existing photograph of someone doing this from the internet. Your picture is not anatomically possible"

    it used Bing and quickly found one.

    10. Journal Prompt Generator

    This is a good one: if you are ever stuck for something to journal about this is a good tool.

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