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10 Daily Habits I want to Start

I love challenging myself. I get boosts of so many happy chemicals when I do. Here are some things I would like to start.

    1. 20 Random Searches on Wikipedia a day

    I have created a facebook group for this idea. I want to do 100 searches a week and call out the ones that are the most interesting. I want to invite people to do the same.

    2. I want to practice writing more formally for maybe 5 minutes

    I write like I talk. I kind of just word vomit onto the screen or paper. I want to write more grammatically correct and in an easier to read fashion.

    3. I want to meditate

    5 minutes for the first week. First thing in the morning. Sitting up right like they say to do.

    4. Look at my bank account

    I want to actually watch how I spend my money. I have more of it now and I know that I have it so I spend it without awareness. I need to be more aware.

    5. I want to read 10 minutes of one book every night.

    I have bought maybe 30 actual books this year so far. I want to spend time reading them.

    6. Clean for 5 minutes in the morning and at night

    I need to just set a timer and clean.

    7. Drink 16oz of water as soon as I wake up

    I do this before I eat a meal but not as soon as I get up.

    8. 20 things a day I am grateful for

    I want to be grateful for at least 100 things a week.

    9. Get up at 6 instead of 6:30

    I could get so much more done.

    10. 15k steps a day. No excuses

    I did this all the time last year. I want to make it 20k but I am exhausted normally.

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