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10 "Day in the life of" I Want to Explore

One way to promote idealists is to think of how they will solve problems for someone through the lenses of how they spend their days - day in and day out. The goal is to materially improve the lives of others through idea lists or even products and solutions.

Just like John Lennon wrote :)

I am just thinking out loud on a Saturday noon :)

10 "Day in the life of" I Want to Explore

    1. Day in the life of a CIO

    What really goes on in a CIO's day and how products, like the ones I am building, or even idealists, can help

    2. Day in life of an IT manager at a Japanese Company

    How IT is run in a typical Japanese company. And write an idealist on how to improve it.

    3. Day in the life of a developer

    How team structure, tools, and management style can impact developer productivity, and how to improve it.

    4. Day in the life of a Startup founder

    Of course, every business is different, but most face similar obstacles and issues.

    5. Day in the life of a Farmer

    How technology can help

    6. Day in the life of a Student

    How technology can help prepare them for the real world. Many idealists have already been written. I think I have written one before.

    7. Day in the life of a Teacher

    Same thing.

    8. Day in the life of SBF

    Maybe more risk management, better governance, less greed, more contribution to the ecosystem and less pompous words like "effective altruism"?

    I am just thinking out loud.

    9. Day in the life of Elon after Acquiring Twitter

    hmm, I need to do some research. But I would freeze any release, stop wasting time tweeting, and go back to first-principle thinking. Mission->Goal-> etc. But culture will eat strategy for breakfast.

    10. Day in the life of my Mom

    See how I can help her optimize her day to have more time for herself. But I am almost sure she will use the time to binge-watch a Korean or Turkish soap :)

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