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10 differences between men and women I learned from Dr. John Gray

Best-selling author of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

    1. Men and women deal with stress differently

    Men like to go into their man cave. Women like to talk about it.

    2. Men want to solve problems. Women just want to talk about it.

    Women don't expect solutions, but men offer it anyway because they think women wouldn't bring it up unless they wanted to solve it.

    3. Men want space. Women want understanding.

    See the first point on how the different genders deal with stress

    4. Men think one big gift gives them lots of 'points'.

    Actually, women don't care about the size or price of a gift, it's the quantity of gifts they care about (so lots of little gifts are better than one big gift)

    5. Women offer unsolicited advice to men.

    They don't want to hear it because men think it's a critique on their provider of the house portrait

    6. Men alternate between intimacy and autonomy

    That's why men, with their lovers, sometimes pull away.

    7. Too much caring or assistance to a men will push him away

    John Gray says that deep within every man there is a knight in shining armor. How would you feel if you needed to slay a dragon but got tremendous help from someone? It would feel disingenuous to you.

    8. Women feel that love is never having to ask for support or help

    9. Men don't talk for the sake of sharing. Men need a reason to talk.

    It's why so many men may be silent with their partners. They don't have a good reason to talk.

    10. To motivate and encourage men, women should express appreciation and admiration

    Sometimes exaggerating this helps.

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