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Matt Ventre


10 Different Physical Activities to Try This Winter

Lifting weights is awesome. Let's mix it up.


    1. Yoga

    I use DDP Yoga (by famous former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page) which appeals to a more aggressive audience. It's funny, it's tight, it's enjoyable. I also like calming traditional yoga. I'm also stiff as hell most days.

    2. Snow Shoeing

    Haven't done it since I was like 10 years old. We get a lot of snow here. Seems like an easy thing to get out and do.

    3. Cross Country Skiing

    It's half of the biathlon! The half that makes you so winded you can't hold your rifle straight when you go to shoot. Used to be kind of a fad in the 80s. I recall my parents had pairs of skis in the basement.

    4. More Peleton Class Types

    I enjoy the Metal Rides, but I've recently been turned onto the "game" LaneBreak. I hope Peleton doesn't go under soon, but if they do I'll just jailbreak the thing and turn it into a video game monitor.

    5. Rock Climbing

    I did this once at a gym in Brooklyn. It was super fun. The closest gym here is quite a drive, but for a once-in-a-while outing it would be worth it.

    6. Something like Jocko Willink does on travel days

    I'm pretty sure the man just does pushups, burpees, sit-ups, and some body weight squats when he's away from his home gym. It's effective.

    7. Snowboarding

    I'm not really interested in trying this, but I know if I did I'd probably love it. It's on the list.

    8. Ice Skating

    Another thing I haven't done since I was a kid. I remember falling 100 times and coming home bruised and soaked to the bone from melted ice. Didn't love it. Now that I have half a sense of coordination, I bet I'd be good at it. I used to enjoy inline skating.

    9. Indoor Sports

    Flag football, soccer (not really my thing, but maybe), lacrosse (would need some equipment, but man did I love that sport). What else? Dodge ball? Kickball?

    10. Golf Simulator

    My summer golf routine looks like this: Book a golf trip with friends, scramble to fill in golf bag last minute, go to driving range once, play shitty golf for 3 days, give up for another year. Maybe a couple stops at the sim this winter would loosen me up so I'm not a wreck on the track this year...

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