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10 dos when I liked my job

I am in the middle of listening to the James Altucher Podcast with Brian Johnson. These are 10 things I was doing when I liked my job. I really don't like it right now.

    1. Excessive Gratitude

    I think this was 2 years ago. I came on here and posted something ridiculous like 120 things I'm grateful for. I did a list every hour for 12 hours. I think I need to do this tomorrow.

    2. Coloring

    I would sit during playtime and color with my students. I think im going to just color tomorrow. During playtime.

    3. Disney Music

    I am going to put disney songs on in the background as we color.

    4. Snuggling

    I liked the kids a lot like 2 years ago. We snuggled all the time. Now I don't want to go too close because they are always sick. I don't know if you've noticed but these kids have been sick 24/7 since the pandemic. Maybe some snuggles.

    5. Skipping

    We skipped down the hall all the time. Or we walked like robots. I don't do this now for fear that someone will run off.

    6. I was excited

    I was excited to see the kids. I didn't mind the noise. Now I feel like if there's noise someone will get hurt because someone is about to throw something.

    7. Friends

    I was friends with so many people at my old school. Now it's like maybe 5 and the rest drive me bonkers.

    8. Out of class for lunch

    I had a longer lunch and I didn't stay in the school. I can just go to my car.

    9. Structured art activities

    My assistant had structured art activities every day. We planned them together. We got to get back to this. Maybe each letter.

    10. Wore fun outfits

    I was so silly 2 years ago. Pineapple skirts and unicorn dresses. I'll wear a pineapple skirt tomorrow.

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