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10 Dreams I have for my future

    1. Live off of passive income

    Whether it's dividends, real estate or a side hustle, I would love to not have to work and devote my time to teach

    2. Publish a best-seller

    Not quite there yet - but working on it by continuing to write books

    3. Travel anywhere I want, when I want for how long I want

    The unfortunate thing about having a job is you're limited in how long you can travel. You need to ask for permission. You only have a certain amount of money to spend.

    4. Be active and fit

    Not like get six pack abs but more along the lines of having the ability to do active things without getting winded or easily tired.

    5. Have a library

    I think it would be amazing to have one of those libraries where you have a ladder with wheels

    6. Be close to family

    I think it would be quite fun to be close to my family and spend more time with them without worrying about work

    7. Experience Japan

    Japan is one of my bucket list travel destinations.

    8. Have a close circle of friends

    All of my friends are either friends from my past or friends from work. Nothing wrong with that but I don't have a close circle of friends I hang out with all the time.

    9. Live off the grid

    Would be great to be more eco friendly

    10. Own a bookstore

    Seems crazy to own a bookstore when there's Amazon, Indigo and other online retailers - but it's also an interesting way to read books and then sell the ones you no longer want.

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