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10 Dreams You Have For Your Future

    1. Adventure: I want to travel to at least one new country every year.

    2. Happiness: I want to be surrounded by positive people and do things that make me happy.

    3. Health: I want to be physically and mentally healthy, and surround myself with others who are also striving for health.

    4. Love: I want to find true love, or at least experience as many different types of love as possible.

    5. Success: I want to achieve all of my goals, both big and small.

    6. To be debt free: To have financial stability and not worry about money.

    7. Own a home: To have a place to call my own and start a family.

    8. Travel the world: To see new places, experience different cultures, and learn more about the world.

    9. Make a difference: To use my talents and abilities to help others and make the world a better place.

    10. Be happy and healthy: To live a long life full of happiness, love, and good health.

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