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10 Easy New Things You Can Do This Week That'll Light Up Your Creative Fuse

    1. Consume content

    Listen to a podcast, read a book, read other lists, watch a video whatever you do, learn something new each day. Creativity comes from combining our knowledge, by having more to combine, you'll be in a far better spot to be creative.

    2. Write a list

    Pushing yourself to write a list each day, makes being creative the next day, a little easier.

    3. Help someone

    They have a problem they can't see a solution too, but maybe we can. The fact we're able to come up with a solution is due to being creative. Solving more problems allows us to become more creative.

    4. Experiment

    Test out wacky ideas, add some new ingredient to your food, sing in a different pitch, wear something new, voice an opinion you would usually keep to yourself.

    5. Combine

    Pick random objects and combine them eg. banana and an ukulele - yellow use, banana shaped uke, a banana scented uke.

    6. agitation

    What's agitating you? How could you prevent that? Creativity will flow as you think up answers.

    7. Learn a new skill

    Each skill requires a different way of thinking. By using another skills though process we will become more creative e.g cooking/joking. what 'ingredients' will spice up any joke? How long do I need to 'cook' a joke before I reveal it/allow consumption?

    8. frames

    Reframe situations and see things from a different angle.

    E.G loner at a party. He's shy, He's a creep. He's going through hard times and want to be alone. He's too cool to talk to us losers. He's too high to know where he is. He's waiting for his close friends to show up.

    9. Steel man

    Steel man arguments that you disagree with. This will force you to be very creative and will reduce your own bias.

    10. Rest

    When I clear my head and let my subconscious work away on being creative I usually end up with much better solutions. Being 'lazy' is sometimes the best way to be productive.

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