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10 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To De-Stress And Relax

Stress can have so many causes. Of course, it's important to do the hard work of identifying and addressing these causes, and not just treating its symptoms. Still, some degree of stress is inevitable for most people in life, and learning techniques for relaxation and stress relief is key to leading a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Breathe

    Our breath is with us at all moments, from our first to our last. If we can control our breathing, we can control our emotions. Taking slow, deep breaths is the first step to relaxation and stress relief.

    2. Take a Bath

    Soaking in the bathtub is one of life's simple pleasures. It helps me feel calm and at ease.

    3. Do a beauty treatment

    A face mask, a hair mask, a coat of nail polish... take your pick. Beauty treatments are a form of self-care and help me feel like I'm making time to actively de-stress.

    4. Perform High-Intensity Exercise

    High-Intensity exercise helps calm my mind when it's racing, and the endorphins it releases make me feel better all-around.

    5. Sleep

    Lack of sleep can actually cause a lot of stress. Going to sleep and approaching the next day as a fresh start can help you reset and regain the motivation to tackle new challenges.

    6. Meditate

    Meditation can take so many forms. Crucially, it usually involves an element of trying to observe your own emotions without judgment or fear. This can provide perspective on stressors, the reassurance that emotions are normal and ephemeral, and confidence in yourself as you actively consider how you are. All of this can reduce the anxiety that accompanies stress.

    7. Talk to someone you love

    Our loved ones bring so much meaning to our lives. They can provide the "why" in life when it isn't always clear. Remembering what's important and relativizing different events minimizes the importance of everyday stressors. Plus, engaging with others and sharing our burdens can result in helpful advice and solution-oriented behaviors.

    8. Pet a [dog]

    Replace [dog] with the animal of your choice

    Dogs are loving, loyal companions. Sometimes you just need comfort, especially when change is what's causing your stress. Steadfast pups will always be there for you.

    9. Indulge in some chocolate

    Stress can also be caused by elements out of our control. A small treat, like chocolate or ice cream, can be a welcome distraction that can bring pleasure to our lives and help us de-stress (if only momentarily).

    10. Stretch

    When you stretch your muscles, you help physically release some of the tension you've stored in your body. Massage can be very helpful for this too.
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