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10 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To De-Stress And Relax

Thought I'd try the challenge to help develop a consistent idea machine practice.

    1. Meditate


    2. Yin Yoga

    I really don't know why I don't do this one more and I wonder why this practice isn't more popular. It's about the most relaxing experience I can get that clears my mind, slows down my heart rate and makes me feel more integrated (body/mind as one).

    3. Listen to relaxing music on Endel app.

    I got a recommendation to try out this app and I've got to say it really hits the mark for me in terms of having audio options for both relaxation and focus that work. Yes, there's a fee, but I haven't found anything I love on Spotify, YouTube, etc. despite pretty extensive searches.

    4. Use Cove relaxation device.

    OK, I'm an admitted tech nerd and am fascinated by the possibilities to enhance life experience through the application of technology. I just bought a Cove device (https://www.feelcove.com/) and am in the trial period. It looks like a set of connected earbuds that wrap around year ear but the band actually massages your temples. Seems promising but I'm still evaluating this. Disclosure: I have no financial interest or benefit from mentioning this product.

    5. Walk

    The ultimate low tech relaxation technique; easier than meditation but you can integrate the two activities.

    6. Drink a cup of green tea

    Something soothing about drinking tea...

    7. Hit the sauna

    Going into a hot sauna and following it up with a cold shower is both relaxing and invigorating though that may be an oxymoron.

    8. Low intensity cardio

    For me, this could mean an easy session on the stationary bike while watching something that supports relaxation.

    9. Hot bath

    Pretty similar to effects from taking a hot sauna.

    10. Connect with a close friend.

    A great conversation with a close friend helps boost oxytocin and a sense of well being. This sounds instrumental and analytical but since this list is focused on relaxation techniques, that's how I'm framing it. More importantly, there's an intangible sense of connection that is a foundation of a meaningful human life.

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