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10 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To De-Stress And Relax

I was agoraphobic in my 20's, so know a little bit about de-stressing. LOL

    1. Deep breaths .... in through your nose, out through your mouth.

    2. Distraction ... call a friend, read a book, offer to help someone, rearrange your sock drawer, make a list ... anything you quit thinking about yourself.

    3. Go to the gym ... a good workout always does the job.

    4. Ride your bike ... again exercise is the key.

    5. Yoga ... whether is asana, pranyama, meditation ... they all work.

    6. Puzzles ... crossword, wordle, words with friends, number games, brain teasers, etc. You get the picture.

    7. Music ... Preferrably relaxing music, but whatever floats your boat and eases your anxiety.

    8. Bake ... I started a catering business out of my home kitchen in my 20's. Baked every cookie for the local school district Christmas Party, and thanksgiving pies for a local Tea Room. It kept me busy and in check.

    9. Layoff the sugar ... and take a hard look at your diet. You might be able to make some changes there that would help you out.

    10. Dance ... preferably in the rain.

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