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10 easy trick shots with basketball

    1. The Bounce-Off-The-Wall

    Bounce the basketball off the wall behind you and catch it mid-air before shooting.

    2. The Behind-The-Backboard

    Stand behind the backboard, throw the ball over the backboard, and swish it through the net.

    3. The Half-Court Swish

    Shoot the basketball from half-court and watch it swish through the net without touching the rim.

    4. The No-Look Shot

    Close your eyes or turn away from the basket, then shoot the basketball without looking and make it.

    5. The Off-The-Head

    Bounce the basketball off your head, then quickly jump and shoot it into the hoop.

    6. The Tornado Shot

    Spin around multiple times while dribbling the ball, then take a shot and make it.

    7. The Between-The-Legs Dunk

    While running towards the hoop, dribble the ball between your legs and dunk it.

    8. The Off-The-Wall Alley-Oop

    Throw the basketball off the wall, jump, catch it mid-air, and slam dunk it.

    9. The Under-The-Legs Three-Pointer

    Dribble the ball between your legs while moving backward, then shoot a three-pointer.

    10. The Chair Shot

    Set up a chair near the hoop, jump off the chair, catch the ball in mid-air, and make a shot.

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