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10 Easy Ways You Can Consistently Make An Extra $1

This idea list is a sub-list for the topic:

"10 Surefire Ways You Can Make An Extra $7000 In The Next 3 Weeks"

    1. Interview some experts in a specific niche on a specific topic. Transcribe the interviews to text. Compile them into a short book and self-publish the book on Amazon Kindle.

    2. Look for products on Clearance Sale at your local Walmart. Compare the price of the same products on Amazon. Buy and resell on Amazon if you can make at least $1 profit.

    3. If you have a "print and cut" machine at home, like Cricut or Glowforge or Silhouette, create and sell your own Stickers on Etsy. You can also put them up for sale on Amazon or Craigslist.

    4. Look on Fiverr for ideas for quick and easy gigs you can offer for a few dollars. Find one that matches your skill set and interests. Start offering those gigs yourself.

    5. Look through old family videos you took while on vacation overseas. Crop out the most scenic and iconic parts. And put those up for sale on stock video sites.

    6. The next time you buy something new, take a video of you unboxing it. Upload the video to YouTube. Monetize through ads and affiliate partnerships. Rinse and repeat.

    7. Look for the most delicious cookie recipe you can find on Google with the best and most reviews. Make those cookies. Give free samples and sell boxes of them around your neighborhood and to family and friends.

    8. Buy really well-priced stuff in bulk at Costco. Break up into smaller quantities. Resell for at least $1 profit each.

    9. Summarize books you've already read or are currently reading. Sell each summary for a dollar or two. Record an audio version of each summary and bundle together for more value.

    10. Look for the cheapest frozen pizza you can find in your local grocery store. Get herbs from Costco and add on top for additional flavor. Bake and resell by the slice around your neighborhood.

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