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10 Ecoconscious Food Ideas

My 10 ideas for blogs/books/ebooks/checklists addressing food waste at home. (+ 5 AI generated ideas!)

    1. Zero Food Waste Home Chef

    Strategies for the home chef who wants to address food waste.

    2. Family Meal Planning

    Book dedicated to helping families to meal plan. It needs to be super practical with downloadable templates, easy tips, simple routines, etc.

    3. Cooking something from nothing

    Tips on how to use up everything in your store cupboard, freezer & fridge and make meals from "nothing".

    4. Simple guide to managing your food inventory

    Tips for managing food at home in order to ensure you don't stockpile, waste food, spend too much money, etc.

    5. Sustainable Food Shopping

    Guide for the home chef on how to shop in order to reduce your environmental footprint e.g. eating locally produced food, veg box, avoiding plastic, eating less meat, eating more vegetables, etc.

    6. Raising Plant Eaters

    How to encourage your family to eat a more plant based diet. Simple tips and tricks, very practical and empathetic rather than dictatorial.

    7. Rethinking meat

    A bit more controversial and maybe off putting but essentially what we all need to do. Set out a new way of looking at meat - seeing it as a luxury rather than a necessity.

    8. Healthy Sustainable Eating Guide

    A more traditional approach piggy backing on everyone's interest in eating more healthily. I would favour a more direct approach but this might be more "palatable"!

    9. Food Storage Tips

    A book focused on proper storage of food. For example, how to store vegetables, tubers, salad, herbs, using glass jar, storing at the correct temperature, using freezer bags when coming home from the supermarket, using your freezer effectively, etc.

    10. The Ecoconscious Kitchen

    An overview of all of the above in one book!

    11. Vegetarianism

    Not eating meat reduces your carbon footprint because the meat industry is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

    12. Eating Less Dairy

    A study by the Worldwatch Institute found that the dairy industry is responsible for 60% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector.

    13. Eating Seasonally

    Eating produce that is in season reduces the emissions associated with shipping food long distances.

    14. Eating Locally

    Similar to eating seasonally, eating locally also reduces the emissions associated with shipping food long distances. In addition, it supports local farmers and the local economy.

    15. Reducing Food Waste

    Globally, we waste about 1.3 billion tons of food each year. This wasted food rots in landfills, emitting methane, a greenhouse gas.

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