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10 Educational Crypto Platforms

Crypto can be quite complex, new technologies, new wordings, individual slang.

To get started with crypto and exploring the space, you can find 10 helpful ways to learn about the industry.

    1. Centralised Crypto Exchanges (e.g., Binance, Coinbase, Kraken)

    If you want to get started with crypto, the biggest crypto exchanges are offering users educational content.

    Learn via articles, videos and interactive courses ideal for beginners and advanced users.

    Some platform even offer crypto rewards to successfully completing quizzes and showcasing new learnings.

    2. LearnCrypto offers easy learning courses for beginners to the crypto space. Besides their structured sessions, they also a Glossary and try to engage the user to explore the crypto ecosystem.

    Their browser extension will create an unique feed for you, to highlight current crypto news and price changes.

    3. Blockgeeks

    As part of Woz U (Steve Wozniak's tech-learning platform), Blockgeeks offers you hands-on courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

    Beginners and experienced professionals can explore topics like, e.g., programming, smart contracts and security.

    4. Online Learning Platforms (e.g., Udemy, Coursera)

    If you are looking to learn more about the crypto space without directly going down the rabbit hole, Udemy and Coursera are offering crypto courses designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels.

    You can explore the basics of blockchain, advanced trading strategies or how cryptocurrencies work in an environment you are familiar with.


    If you are not just interested to learn but also want to teach, can be a great platform.

    They offer curated premium , as well as, community created courses. You can interact with other students and learn about many topics, not just crypto.

    6. Babypips

    If you want to become a crypto trader, Babypips is a good way to start.

    Learn about currency trading and how to become profitable. Enjoy the community support and learn from mistakes which others did in their beginnings.

    7. CryptoZombies

    Use this interactive, free learning platform to create your own blockchain-based game. Explore the functionality of smart contracts and integrate them with a web interface.

    During the courses, you will build a DApp and create your own zombie army.

    8. Investopedia

    If you need a clear and precise explanation of any crypto related slang, Investopedia will help you.

    They offer great content, courses, and news, for you to understand what is happening in the micro and macro space.

    9. Crypto Podcasts

    If you learn better via listening instead of reading, podcasts can be you go-to channel.

    The topics they cover range from basic crypto introduction, to industry news, and to newest technological developments. Some of the most famous include: Unchained, Bankless, the Pomp Podcast, Cryptocurrencies for Beginners, Crypto 101, the Defiant, Proof, Tascha Labs, ZeroKnowledge,

    10. Newsletters

    If you want to stay up-to-date on all crypto related topics, newsletters offer great insights into current developments and news from the space.

    Some examples: The Defiant, Bankless, IntoTheCryptoverse, the Pomp Letter, Messari's unqualified opinions, This week in DeFi, Bloomberg Crypto, CoinBureau, a16z crypto

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