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10 Fantasy Novel Ideas From Someone Who Reads Novels Every Single Day

I think it's a good idea to stretch the brain...

... and come up with ideas across a wide range of subjects, instead of just coming up with ideas in the same "industry" everyday.

This is something I haven't done before. So just giving this a try to stretch my imagination...

    1. On his death bed soon after the events of World War II, Sherlock Holmes reflects one last time on his adventures and a life well spent...

    Suddenly, he hears a voice like the chiming of bells saying, "Your life here has ended. But your talents are still needed. Will you accept my call?"

    When he awakes, his body seems to be in a coffin, but...

    ... his head and feet are sticking out of the box?

    Turning his neck to the side, he see bright lights shining down from above, a huge crowd below the platform looking at him, and... the sound and vibrations of a saw that are about to cut the box around his torso in half!

    2. Kage grew up having big dreams for the future. Fast forward 20 years later and he's spent most of his life working in his parents' convenience store.

    The only thing he likes about his work is that it gives him lots of free time to do what he loves most: coming up with news ideas.

    One day, a meteorite crashes in a neighborhood nearby where he's working. Browsing Twitter for photo tweets around the location, he's shocked to see a photo showing a symbol on the surface of the meteorite. The symbol is eerily similar to the code symbol he and his friends made for their secret childhood club when he was a kid.

    While trying to come up with ideas for what was happening, suddenly a digital dialog box pops up in front of his eyes. It says:

    "Ideas Generated +1.
    (99 More To Level Up.)"

    3. Alfred travels from the countryside to the city where the Ultimate Baking Contest is being held. Honing his skills since childhood, he dreams of becoming the best in the world.

    As he arrives at the city, he sees a vast tower stretching high into the sky, far beyond what the eyes can see.

    Months earlier, his childhood friend entered the tower to join the contest, but he'd never heard from her since then. Not all who come to the tower are accepted. But of those who are, so far none have come back to share their experiences.

    Walking up to the gargantuan tower door, he pushes a pastry he made into the "mouth" protruding out the center. It moves as if alive and chewing, and suddenly a bright light fills the air...

    4. It's the year 2000. Johnny is the only child of a stock broker. His dad's career is in ruins. And he isn't doing too hot himself at school. His grades are terrible. And he's constantly getting bullied.

    One day, while he's reading comics on the bed after running home from school, he hears a loud thud. And to his shock, he sees a kid falling out of his closet and hitting the floor.

    After recovering, the kid suddenly calls him "grandpa" and pulls out two small USB drives out of his pocket. One USB is labelled "Blockchain", while the other is labelled... "Bitcoin".

    5. After entering a cave as part of an archaeological expedition, Stan encounters a series of mysterious "hunting" carvings on the wall. Upon touching them, he gets transmigrated back to the past and into the body of a Stone Age tribal member.

    Or is it not the past, but an alternate dimension altogether?

    He discovers mysterious plants and animals that he's never seen or heard of before. And this confuses him to no end. His only solace is a laptop that he found next to him when he woke up in this world for the first time.

    6. Todd discovers a mysterious set of cards in the attic of his grandfather's house. His grandpa and grandma suddenly disappeared without a trace several years ago, and the house had been empty ever since.

    While playing with the cards with his sister, he suddenly turns over a blank card and their dog disappears into thin air. His image is magically engraved onto the blank card he was holding.

    Shocked, he drops one of the cards, and suddenly... a prehistoric creature appears in their sights with a roar.

    7. While travelling through the countryside with his parents, they suddenly stop to visit an abandoned theme park they come across. Bobby is scared out of his wits, but follows his parents reluctantly.

    While walking around, Bobby sees an old chess board lying around one of the stands with a game that was played halfway, yet still intact. He moves one of the pieces, and gets the shock of his life as he suddenly sees a ghost playing across the board from him.

    He screams and runs.

    The next day, at home, he wakes up to see the ghost in his room. The ghost introduces himself as a great chess legend from the past who isn't satisfied with death yet because he still wants to play more. The ghost offers to teach Bobby the secrets to becoming the best in the world. All he wants is to take charge and play once in a while...

    This is the true story of Bobby Fischer.

    8. James lives in a world where every human has superpowers. Well, most humans anyway. There are some who don't, and they are despised by society. He is one of them.

    Until one day, he discovers that he has a different gift.

    He has the ability to nullify the powers of anyone else who has them. He starts a livestreaming channel on YouTube, where he covers his face with a mask, dons a costume, and becomes a vigilante... fighting against those who would abuse their superpowers.

    At the same time, he hopes to make enough money from his channel to support his poor parents.

    9. Arthur is one of the king's two sons. And he is next in line to the throne. The problem? He was born blind, deaf and dumb. And he lacks the ability to assume the leadership of the kingdom.

    The king searches the land for someone who can cure Arthur. Thousands have come, but none have succeeded.

    Until one day, someone who's known as being "The World's Greatest Teacher" visits the kingdom. And tells the king that he can teach Arthur to function properly, good enough to be the next king, even if he can't see, hear or talk.

    The catch?

    He quotes a price equal to almost all the gold in the kingdom!

    10. Shiro is a dog. An incredibly smart dog. One that has the ability to control computers and electronic equipment with just his mind. He also loves playing video games.

    One day, Shiro's owner gets an invitation. Shiro has been invited to the Divine Dog Contest, where the most talented dogs from around the world compete to become the world's greatest Alpha Dog.

    Both the owner and the Alpha Dog will receive one wish for anything they want, and that wish will be granted.

    In the past, people have used that wish to revive loved ones, amass mountains of wealth, and see the peak of the world. Does Shiro have what it takes to win the contest this time?

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