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10 Favourite Productivity Tools

10 tools I commonly use on a day to day basis for business

10 Favourite Productivity Tools

    1. Clickup

    I use ClickUp for task and project management. Keep a repository of all of my business documents and meeting minutes in one place. All of my lists reside in ClickUp: Idea Database, Projects, Learning Backlog: Books, Courses, etc and ToDo List

    2. Jasper

    The Jasper AI Writing tool helps me write articles and blogs. Although far from perfect. It gives me an excellent starting point to get up and write—also generates snappy copy for ads and generates idea lists.

    3. Ahrefs

    A bit pricey, but I do my keyword research to help soft validate business and content ideas. It also gives a sneak peek into my competitors' keywords.

    4. GPT-3 Playground

    GPT-3 is a text utility knife for comprehension, summarization, translation and text generation. GPT3, to me, is the ultimate ideation tool. Besides helping answer obscure questions. The AI can be prompted to play act from different perspectives. It doesn't always give me the appropriate answer, but I am amazed that it always tries to do so with unexpected results.

    5. Calendly

    Calendly helps me set up client bookings. Easy to use.

    6. WordPress

    Easy to use Website Platform - maintains my business sites and is a great blogging platform.

    7. Nvidia Broadcast

    An excellent utility for my Webcam. It has an intelligent zoom-in and tracking effect. It can also suppress background noise from your mic and your speaker during VC calls.

    8. mSecure

    I am terrible at remembering my logins and passwords for many sites. A great centralized place to store login, passwords and associated notes. I use it on my phone and on the web.

    9. OneNote

    Maintains all of my notes. Notes from books I have read. Things I have learned. My skill, talents and interest inventory. Technical Knowledge Base. Goals. Ideas.

    10. FigJam

    Whiteboarding application I use because I am more visually-minded. I love to diagram and sketch things out, from processes to wireframes and designs.

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